Success stories


I adopted a misunderstood boy who has had a few failed adopters, all claimed that he was a dog aggressive dog but in the end, after a week of adopting him, I found out it was just toy and food possession so I searched on ways to fix that on my own and worked him out of it. It’s now been around 2 years since he came home and joined my pack of 3 cats and his husky sister Athena. It took him a while to adjust with the cats.

He absolutely loves his walks and car rides and goes on play dates with his sister at my aunt’s house with her two other huskies. I’m sending you pictures of the handsome boy Loki and the picture that you guys advertised on Facebook. I couldn’t thank you enough for posting him – he won my heart as soon as I saw him.The smaller picture at the end is the one you guys advertised.



Hello, guys!

Just wanted to say that l would like to thank you for my really great dog!

Missy is now my service dog and wanted to say that she turned 2 on November 17th and me and Jan hosted a birthday party for Missy. Please check attached photos, thank you again so much for putting Missy into my life.







Love Vince and Missy Mills – Merry Christmas to all!

Harlee (formerly Harley)


I have to tell you that Harlee has made such progress, and yet her quirks are still there too. We spent the summer going on three different pack walks with a local trainer Karen Laws.  We signed up for the month of June, July, and August every Saturday morning. This was great for socialization and building her confidence. She still is very tenuous in new situations and sometimes goes into complete meltdown, this consists of shaking, tail between her legs, and sometimes refusing to come out of the car, but really it’s so much better, and we just try to be calm and show her we are here to lead her and keep her safe.

She has such a kind, gentle, nature, that elicits such tenderness in us and strangers too. When we are Canadian Tire or other stores with her and she is showing her timid side, people just crouch down and want to make her feel safe 🙂

We have not left her alone yet, as the few times we attempted to leave her in her crate she was just too stressed.  We take her to an open concept daycare in Peterborough once or twice a week for 4 hours, she manages that well, and it is good for her socialization and confidence building.  And if we have to go to Toronto we have found a dog sitter in Bowmanville (on the way) who loves her, and she manages well in his home.

Last, but not least, on our pack walks we met a woman who has a male husky 3 years old – she too wanted more socialization for Damon, she comes over once or twice a week for an hour.  Damon and Harlee run and play hard as we stand on our porch sipping tea, watching our beautiful huskies being free spirits, they really play well together.

So there you have it, we just love her, are thrilled with her progress, but know she still has a long way to go before she is a fully confident dog.  In fact, tomorrow is 8 months since March 6th when we drove to Orillia to collect her.



“We are more than happy to keep Neptune. He’s getting along really great with our other dog. They play and sleep together all the time! We are happy to have him as a part of our family.”
Mary & Chris


I just wanted to give you an update on Roscoe. He is doing amazing! We are working on his manners (not jumping up on people, though he doesn’t jump on kids or elderly, just the young it seems!) and starting to work on training him to not rush through doors but to wait patiently until we call him. Its a slow process but we’re making progress, he knows sit and stay (He sits so prettily when we’re feeding him) he’s just stubborn, like me! We enjoy taking him on walks and trips to PetSmart for treats! he loves to fetch his balls and still has the bunny he brought from his foster home. Roscoe spends his time between sitting near/on one of us and looking out one of the windows. He is such a good boy!

We have had him in the room with our sugar gliders (they were in their cage of course) and he has learned to be calm in that room (again though some days its a work in progress and at no point will he ever be able to interact with them no matter how calm he is). He usually lays down by one of us while we use our computers and watches them. Roscoe also likes to lay down under the desks at our feet.

I couldn’t tell you the number of pictures we have of him! but I have included a picture of him in front of our Christmas Tree (he really wanted the treat in my hand!). We do plan on looking into some formal socialisation/training classes once spring hits.

He has recovered well from his neuter and his fur is growing back nicely.

Thank you for everything! We love him more then anything!



It has been almost 10 months now since Ricky left you and came to live with us. He has transformed into a docile, well-behaved and affectionate dog. He rarely displays any of the abrupt and nervous behavior he had when we first brought him home. He really understands what we say to him. We are so proud of him. He yearns to be petted and hugged; he loves to have his head stroked; and he wants to be told how wonderful he is. You can see it in his eyes and his ears go flat against his head. He gently paws my foot or hand to tell me he needs to be petted. When I leave the house, he waits on the door mat inside until I return and sometimes that is a couple of hours! As I am typing this to you, he is lying across the top of my feet. He truly is my shadow. He rarely barks whether in the house or outside. I am confident he would protect me, Adam and the house no matter what!

He loves to have his hair brushed (but go easy on the tail!) and, believe it or not, he actually asks (with a gentle “woof”) for me to brush him while we watch TV. He makes every effort to talk to us. He waits beside his dog dish until I scrape any of our food into the dish and told it is OK for him to eat it. He drops things now when told “no” which he previously immediately claimed as his. He has not attempted to take things from the kitchen counter in months. He no longer barks at every person who comes into the house or who talks to him at the fence. He is calm and wants to be friends with people instead of going on the attack. We have regular little routines and he knows what he is supposed to do, for example, at bedtime: go outside, come in for his 2 treats and then go upstairs to his crate – all without step-by-step instructions. He actually lets me know when it is passed his bedtime and he wants to go to bed! He is well-behaved with other dogs and basically minds his own business. He now likes car rides. He cautiously goes out the kitchen door (it is so funny to watch him) to see if he can chase a squirrel up a tree right at the deck! In this weather, he cautiously walks back in the kitchen doorway because the snow/ice on his feet make him unsteady on the floor until they dry. He still hates police and ambulance sirens and even howls when he hears them.

Ricky is definitely an important part of our family and he knows it!!! He is very comfortable here and we are very comfortable with him. During the first couple of months we had him, I would never have expected him to change into the ‘family pet’ he has become.

Ricky, Lynne, and Adam

Aurora and Tundra

I wanted to write you just to let you know that Aurora and Tundra are doing really well. We have them on a no grain, salmon based kibble diet and their coats shine in the sun. We walk at least twice every day with both on halti, and both have learned such good manners when we are out and about. Aurora, although reactive, has been less so with the halti, and with some coaching. I do think she will always be wary of other dogs but has come along quite a bit even in the last month. Here’s a treasure – the kids can walk these two on their own. We keep their walks localized but the boys (14 and 12) have no problems taking the two out, even encountering other dogs. We have done lots of work and it seems to be paying off.

We are so in love with them. The kids spend time with them without prompting. They are affectionate and snuggly creatures who love to cuddle and get hours of petting. They are both good with brushing, and will sit patiently through grooming. Tundra is a remarkable boy who even if he reaches his limit for affection will simply walk away. I don’t think Aurora has a limit.

We had a large box from a big over range microwave we bought. The kids were using it as a play house and we had labelled it The Mouse House. Aurora has made it hers.

They met my parents who fell instantly in love. Both of my folks are from the north and dogs that remind them of winter are loved instantly, but also their gentle and affectionate demeanour wins everyone over.

We are so pleased.

Terre (and family)

Kassy (formerly Crystal)

Kassy (crystal) is doing great!

She is really getting used to people a lot more then she was – not that she had a choice with all the neighborhood kids. She will also run to some adults because she wants to go see them. She loves our one human neighbour so much she bows and wants to play with her.

She has had some dog aggression but we have been working with her and she is slowly getting better with that as well. She no longer feels the need to growl bark and lunge at every dog that comes in sight. She has actually made friends with one of our other neighbour’s dog and loves to wrestle and play with him. We are slowly working on getting her out of her crate and she is no longer crated at night or if we go out for short periods of time of about 2 hours. The door is always open if she ever wants to go in.

Above all, her favorite past time is still tormenting and bugging her brother. She loves to antagonize him into playing but if she hasn’t bugged him for a bit he will be the one to start with her. All in all she is a pleasure and has brought a lot of joy to all of our lives.




I loathe having my photo taken; but couldn’t say no to Alan on Keena’s Gotcha Day.

She was picked up by Alan (of SHARP) in his huge Volvo truck in Manitoba and driven across Canada to the south coast of BC at the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal. As I came out of the terminal, I could see Alan standing across the lot with his handsome Siberian, Dakota, and 5 year old Mal-berian, Keena, waiting for me. Of course, while they were waiting, his charges had attracted the attention of a few at the passenger pick-up.

After a ride to a pet supply store nearby, good conversation, and a little paperwork, we were dropped off back at the terminal to catch our ferry home to Vancouver Island as foot passengers. They have a special dog room in the middle of the lower car deck that Keena and I hung out in for the 1 hr 40 min sailing. A couple of engineers walking by the room saw Keena through the window and came in to hear her story. They then turned off the blasting heater for her and tied the doors ajar so she had some cool breeze off the ocean. Although we were not able to go upstairs to the other part of the ship, I was so appreciative of those ferry workers.

As Keena and I had to walk off via the lower car deck ramp, one of the ferry engineers came there and gave me a wrapped pack of sliced roast beef for her from the upstairs buffet. She may not have a pedigree or fancy ribbons to impress; but it doesn’t matter to me one bit. She loves learning to run in harness and gets excited when the gear comes out. Kuma loves his sweet co-lead dog girl so much and is glad she likes a younger guy.

I adore her to bits and am happy everything aligned just right to bring her on the long journey into our lives. ❤
Denise Hansen



About 3-4 moths ago I adopted Gunnar the Siberian Husky from your organization, SHARP.

Gunnar is a happy health dog, he has really warmed up to us and is now getting spoiled like crazy. He has 3 new husky friends he sees almost every day and two poodle friends he’s with about 4 times a week and he loves them all!

Gunnar used to have aggression with his food but now waits so nicely till I say “eat”. He listens well and loves talking. He still gets sledding time but on a bike (not to much right now because it’s too hot during summer). He also is such a cuddle dog, he sleeps with us most the night and takes up most the bed!

He’s very happy in his new home and me and my boyfriend love him so much and couldn’t be happier. We are actually planning on getting another one when we get a bigger place.

Thank you for everything. He’s our family now.
Jacky Miller