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Finn: Husky Mix (M) 2 years – COURTESY LISTING

Name: Finn
Breed: Husky Mix (Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees)
Gender: Male (Neutered)
Age: 2 years
Cats: NO
Dogs: NO
Kids: Yes – older


Finn is a Husky mix who turned 2 years old in January 2019. He’s great with people, kids and some dogs. But we never know which dogs he will be ok with, so he would be better to be the only dog in a home. He is a bit possessive with toys, bedding and food (with the other dog in the home) so this resource guarding will need to be monitored but should not be an issue as a single dog.

Finn needs to be with someone who can be with him more often than not, as we both work full-time (one working 12 hours shifts and the other being pregnant). He requires a lot of attention and is protective and guards against our other dog, in a non aggressive way. He is a much larger dog than we can handle (approx 120lbs) which makes it difficult to walk him on a leash. We have young nieces and nephews which he loves to play with however, due to his size, has knocked them over by accident so it wouldn’t be good to place him with young children, older children would be fine.

Finn is not crate trained but he is house broken and knows to go to the bathroom outside. He has not had obedience training but could use some, especially for walking on leash as he can pull when he sees other dogs.  He’s a bit leash reactive due to being attacked by other dogs when he was younger, which could also be the cause of him being dog selective. We will cross streets/provide spacing between him and other dogs when passing. He knows basic commands, is well behaved and doesn’t dig or jump over fences when outside. He has never met a cat before so we are unsure of his response and wouldn’t want to risk it. He has never bitten anyone. He is slightly overweight as he tends to over eat and needs lots of exercise. He loves to lounge and cuddle with his companions instead of run around but a new exercise routine would do him good.

It breaks our hearts to have to give him up, as we do not want to have to do this but we just feel like he can bring joy to another owner, in a more appropriate situation that he can thrive in and who can give him more exercise and attention. We want him to go to a wonderful home who is looking for a warm, loving, cuddly companion, as he’s the biggest sweetheart and really is a good dog.

Finn is healthy, neutered and up to date on his vaccinations.

  • Located in Grand Valley, ON – $400 adoption fee
  • With owner, needs adopter
  • Looking for a home since April 2019

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Klaus: Husky x Chow (M) 2 years – COURTESY LISTING

Name: Klaus
Breed: Husky x Chow mix
Gender: Male (Neutered)
Age: 2 years (DOB: 2 September 2016)
Cats: No
Dogs: No/Selective – dislikes small dogs
Kids: No/not tested


Klaus is a handsome, healthy, 2 year old, neutered, 30kg male.  Klaus would benefit living with a pet-free and childless home with a more energetic owner who is home all day.  Because Klaus has never been tested with or around young children, use extra caution.  Klaus plays very rough with other dogs, and he dislikes small dogs so he would need to be controlled and supervised when around them and not let off leash.  Smaller animals can bring out his prey drive randomly. If possible it would be best to avoid them.

Klaus loves to go on long walks and excursions whenever possible.  He enjoys retrieving the ball and dropping it at your feet. Klaus will stand still to be washed, and raises his feet at the door to towel off his dirty paws after being outside. He has had minimal exposure to swimming, but has no fear of water. He enjoys a good towel rub to dry off after rain or wading in a kiddie pool. He enjoys being brushed. Loves getting his ears rubbed and his chest.  However, He does not like being grabbed around his waist.

Klaus wears a muzzle at the vet, and during nail trimming situations, as he doesn’t immediately trust strangers touching him. He gladly chews his toys while you hold it, takes treats gently from your hand, he has not shown any food, or toy resource guarding, outside of his crate. He does seem to prefer to be indoors more than being outdoors; he enjoys human companionship all the time. He has never tried to escape the fully fenced yard, and has never dug holes. He does however bark at people who walk past the yard.  Klaus is easily distracted outdoors so needs to be kept supervised whilst in the yard.

Klaus is clean, does not potty inside the house.  He is not crated at night; he sleeps with his owner in the bed, usually at the foot of the bed.  He has dog beds, but never sleeps or lays on any – he prefers the bed or sofa someone is sitting on.  Klaus is crated, when unattended, for his own safety as he has scratched and chewed things in the past.  He has never been left unattended for more than 4 hours, ever.

Klaus has basic obedience training and walks well on a leash with minimal pulling when reminded. Using a properly fitted Martingale collar is strongly suggested when walking Klaus on leash.  Klaus has randomly shown dog to dog aggression but not all the time.

Vaccinations are all up to date as of 16 January 2019 and he is microchipped.

  • Located in Kawartha Lakes, ON – $400 adoption fee
  • With owner, needs adopter
  • Looking for a home since January 2019

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Lola: Siberian Husky (F) 9 years

Name: Lola
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Female (Spayed)
Age: 9 years
Cats: NO
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes – older due to shyness

Lola is a very calm and sweet girl. She is shy at first to strangers but soon warms up when she gets to know you and can be quite outgoing and friendly with confidence.  She has amazing blue and brown marble/pinto eyes.

She’s good with other dogs but does have the usual husky prey-drive so definitely no cats or small animals.  Lola doesn’t like to be left alone and can show signs of separation anxiety so she would be best suited to a home with another dog of similar size.  She is currently around 48.2lbs/21.8kg.  She is good in a crate and is better to be put in a crate when leaving her a while, since she has shown some signs of destruction in the past if left too long alone.  She is not very vocal but she does tell you when she is happy.

Lola will definitely need a contained yard as she has very little to no recall.  She is not great on commands but does know some French.  She would be a definite flight risk if left unsupervised or without containment so no off-leash for this girl.

Lola is a great traveller and will sit or lay down in the car quietly.  Again, due to her flight risk, she would need restraining with a leash in case of opening a door and jumping out.  She is quite a picky eater and will take time to eat her food.  If she is rehomed with another dog, it would be best to crate her for eating or put her in a separate room so her food doesn’t get stolen.  She’s not that interested with toys but does LOVE being outside.  She does tend to pull on her leash, like most huskies, so would need a bit of work to get her walking nicely.  She is still very active for her age!

Lola is spayed and up to date on vaccinations.  She will be microchipped prior to adoption.

  • Located in Tottenham/Alliston,ON – $200 adoption fee
  • With foster, needs adopter
  • Looking for a home since December 2018

SHARP Adoption/Foster Application

Skye: Siberian Husky (F) 4 years

Name: Skye
Breed: Siberian Husky (50 lbs)
Gender: Female (Spayed)
Age: 4 years (DOB 30 May 2014)
Cats: No
Dogs: Good
Kids: Yes – older

Skye is a gorgeous 4 year old girl who is spayed and up to date on all her vaccines. She’s great with other dogs, fine with strangers, and super with teens but she could unintentionally hurt a small child when she gets excited.  She is pretty sullen when left alone so would be better placed with someone who is home more often or has another dog as a companion.  We would not recommend a home with cats.

The owner’s husband (Skye’s primary care giver) passed away in July last year. Skye became distressed after his passing. In addition, Skye was left alone at home for long periods of time – up to 10 hours during the day. She was becoming destructive in the house and hard to manage. Her owner gave her to someone else who dumped her in a shelter a couple of days later.

Skye has not had any professional training but she does knows basic commands (sit, paw, lay down). Walks well on the leash and is good in the car but gets excited when getting in and out. She sleeps outside the bedroom door or on the couch but does need a night light on.  She does have some body sensitivity regarding being touched or brushed but she loves being petted around her head and ears.  She is better to be walked with a harness than a collar – her harness is kept on her in the house due to her body issues.  This, however  may improve once she is less anxious and settled.

Skye has never been aggressive about food but begs quite often when people are eating. Skye will steal food if she has the opportunity. Due to her current medication, she will require set feeding times and she is fed in her crate to help with crate training.

Skye has her full vet records and her vaccines are up to date. She has recently been spayed.  She does have occasional seizures but hadn’t had one in some time until she went into the shelter recently, which may have been caused by stress so is now taking anti-seizure medication which seems to be helping and she’s showing signs of improvement.  She is now in foster care with SHARP Rescue with 2 other dogs. Skye is a very sweet dog and she will make someone a great companion!

Skye will need an experienced owner who can give her a calm environment who is able to set a routine for her medication and plenty of exercise and work with her anxiety and grieving.

  • Located in Kitchener, ON – $400 adoption fee
  • With foster, needs adopter
  • Looking for a home since December 2018

SHARP Adoption/Foster Application

Sky: Husky x Shepherd (M) 5 years – COURTESY LISTING

Name: Sky
Breed: Husky x Shepherd
Gender: Male (Neutered)
Age: 5 years
Cats: No/Not tested
Dogs: Good but needs to be introduced slowly
Kids: Good – preferably older as could jump and knock over


Sky is super friendly, healthy with no medical conditions and full of energy. He is always ready to play and loves to go for long walks.

He likes to run, fetch and play. He is very vocal and communicates what he desires. Outside the house he is super friendly with all ages of people. Inside the house Sky can be a little uncertain with strangers and acts more protective like a guard dog. Sky needs a strong leader as he will persistently try to dominate, especially women. It is recommend that he has gradual introductions with people coming to the house. Once he knows the person he will be fine.

Sky is friendly with all sizes of dogs but often gets barked at by small dogs but just walks away, and never responds inappropriately.

Sky knows basic commands like sit, down, high 5, and always ready to learn new tricks with treats around. He can sometimes pull on the leash and needs to be reminded not to.  He is crate trained but generally doesn’t like to go in the crate. Also, it’s been a while since he’s been put in a crate so that may need some more work. He loves car rides and sleeps on his bed. He is not good on recall but will eventually follow you. It is better that he is not let off-leash unless at a dog park or fenced area, especially with getting used to new owners.

Sky has no allergies to any food. He does not guard his food, but can guard his toys, and steal other dog’s toys. Eats gently from hands and waits for command to eat. He eats once a day (currently on President’s choice Nutrition first-Salmon, Chicken or Lamb with Brown Rice, Beef and Oatmeal). He loves ‘Dentix’ chews.

He is fully up to date with his core vaccinations and rabies.

  • Located in Brampton, ON – $400 adoption fee to SHARP
  • With owner, needs adopter
  • Looking for a home since March 2019

To fill out an adoption application, please visit SHARP – Siberian Husky Assistance & Rescue Program’s website at https://sharprescue.ca/

Cyrus: Siberian Husky (F) 8 years – COURTESY LISTING – ADOPTION PENDING

Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Female (spayed)
Age: 8 years
Cats: NO
Dogs: NO
Kids: Yes


Cyrus is a wonderful, easy going, 8 year old friendly family dog who loves people and being outside. She was living in the country but just moved to the city.

She knows basic commands and is crate trained.  She is good in the car.  She can sometimes be a bit of a puller on a leash at first when she is excited during her walk but does settle down.  She is quite vocal and likes to sing!

No medical issues at all, and all vaccinations are up to date. She eats Fromm food and loves treats .

She lost her master last October and our family has downsized quite a bit with a very small backyard.  We are looking to find her a beautiful home because she is an amazing dog! She would be a great addition to family or couple.

  • Located in Ottawa, ON – $100 minimum donation to SHARP
  • With owner, needs adopter
  • Looking for a home since October 2018

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