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Cyrus: Siberian Husky (F) 8 years – COURTESY LISTING

Name: Cyrus
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Female (spayed)
Age: 8 years
Cats: NO
Dogs: NO
Kids: Yes


Cyrus is a wonderful, easy going, 8 year old friendly family dog who loves people and being outside. She was living in the country but just moved to the city.

She knows basic commands and is crate trained.  She is good in the car.  She can sometimes be a bit of a puller on a leash at first when she is excited during her walk but does settle down.  She is quite vocal and likes to sing!

No medical issues at all, and all vaccinations are up to date. She eats Fromm food and loves treats .

She lost her master last October and our family has downsized quite a bit with a very small backyard.  We are looking to find her a beautiful home because she is an amazing dog! She would be a great addition to family or couple.

  •  Located in Ottawa, ON – $100 minimum donation to SHARP
  • With owner, needs adopter
  • Looking for a home since October 2018

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Amigo: Siberian Husky (M) 10 months – COURTESY LISTING

Name: Amigo
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Male (neutered)
Age: 10 months (born 20th December 2017)
Cats: No
Dogs: Good
Kids: Good but older due to energy levels


Amigo is a super friendly and energetic dog as is typical of Huskies. He is more friendly to human than dogs but does go to the dog park and has dog friends in the locality. He normally pals up more with similar aged dogs.

He is very excited to meet kids but since he is an energetic dog and might unintentionally push or off-balance them, should be with kids under strict supervision and preferably older.

He has a curious personality and would want to get involved in everything that his human does and would like to know about it. His energy level is too high and requires couple of long walk every day. He loves to run and is a speed master. He is also very vocal and barks and howls to express his excitement and displeasure as well. He may also talk back at times.

Being curious and energetic at times puts him in need of training and guidance to draw the line and teach him boundaries. He can be wary of strangers so when meeting new people he needs to be introduced slowly and carefully.

He is not crate-trained and sleeps on the floor, he had few beds but he still loves the floor.  He is currently fed three times a day on grain-free food which works best for him. He does gets picky occasionally about his food and demands some flavor to it, like some treats or boiled egg/chicken/beef.

Amigo is looking for a home that has experience owning large breed dogs, though Husky specific experience would be preferred since Amigo is still young and has to learn many things, including work on his resource guarding.

  •  Located in Mississauga, ON – $400 adoption fee to SHARP
  • With owner, needs adopter
  • Looking for a home since October 2018

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Kiba: Siberian Husky (M) 6 years – COURTESY LISTING

Name: Kiba
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Male (neutered)
Age: 6 years
Cats: No
Dogs: Not good with other dogs
Kids: Good


Kiba is not adjusting well to the smaller space of moving to a condo and misses having a backyard to run and play during the day so needs to find a new home with more outdoor space and/or outdoor lifestyle.

Kiba lived with 2 cats and a boxer for a couple years when he was a puppy. However he has been an only dog for 2 years and he has become used to being on his own and not having to share attention. He would do better with a family that has no other pets.

Kiba is not crate trained.  He knows basic commands and is generally well-behaved but would benefit from some one-to-one training which would also help with bonding with his new owners.

Kiba has no medical conditions and is not on any medications.  He is up to date on vaccinations, as well as flea/tick/heartworm prevention and has full medical history.

He is currently fed 3 times a day on Acana.

  • Located in Mississauga, ON – $400 adoption fee
  • With owner – needs adopter
  • Looking for a home since October 2018

SHARP Adoption/Foster Application

Rocket: Siberian Husky (M) 3 years – COURTESY LISTING FOR SHELTER

Name: Rocket
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Adult – Male
Age: 3 years 1 month 2 weeks
Size: Large
Primary Color: White
Weight: 27kg


Vaccinations up to date, neutered



Hi, my name is Rocket! I’m an friendly, independent Husky in search of my forever home.

As is typical of my breed, I love to stay busy and am happy to learn new tricks! Like any young adult, I can be a little on the bossy side, and am definitely guilty of calling the shots when I want to.

I’d love to go to training with my new owner so I can practice the basics, and build a better bond with my family! I’m an energetic pup, but will need my new family to recognize when I need a break. You see, I have asthma, and will require ongoing treatment and/or medication for this. Because of this, I am looking for a smoke-free home. I don’t let my asthma hold me back from enjoying activities and outings, but it can make strenuous play a bit more challenging for me.

I am looking for a home that has experience owning large breed dogs, though Husky specific experience would be preferred. and where all family members are at least 18 years of age or older. Ideally, I’d like to be the only pet in the home. I like my independence and am happiest when it’s just me and my people.

Interested in adopting me? Please come visit me at the shelter during viewing hours!
Location: Oakville, ON

Oakville & Milton Humane Society
445 Cornwall Road
Oakville, ON L6J 7S8
(905) 845-1551 ext. 147

Link to apply: https://www.petfinder.com/dog/rocket-42645063/on/oakville/oakville-and-milton-humane-society-on391/

Boy: Husky x Shepherd (M) 11 years – COURTESY LISTING

Name: Boy
Breed: Husky x Shepherd
Gender: Male (Neutered)
Age: 11 years (DOB 28th Feb 2007)
Cats: OK – he has lived with a cat for 2 years
Dogs: Good
Kids: Good


Boy is overall quite calm and quiet now that he is older, but still energetic and excited when playing. He is super friendly towards all people. He is usually indifferent about that other animals he has lived with.  He is usually OK with dogs. He has lived with a small dog before for over a year and is very calm with them but sometimes he will bark at larger dogs during walks. At large dog gatherings (such as Woofstock) he is very well behaved. He is very nice and friendly towards all children he has ever encountered.

He had basic dog training when he was around 8 months old. He knows all the essential commands such as sit, down, belly (go on back), stay, wait, drop it, paw, up (sit without front paws). His recall is overall good but sometimes he can be too distracted to listen. He has never been crate trained but is calm when staying overnight in a crate at the vet. He is generally easy to walk on a leash but with certain dogs he may bark. He rides well in a car, but better if in the front seat. He will sometimes be anxious if in the backseat alone.  He is housetrained.

Despite his age, Boy has no medical concerns and is in very good health. He does not show any sort of joint issues or teeth problems either. He does not take any medication and has no known allergies.  Boy will come with vet records and vaccination history.

He is not picky with food and has no known allergies. He has tried a variety of dog food brands. 

  • Located in Thornhill, ON – $200 adoption fee
  • Needs adopter
  • Looking for a home since September 2018

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Vanna (F) 7 years & Vincent (M) 8 years: Siberian Huskies – BONDED PAIR – COURTESY LISTING

Name: Vanna (lighter grey) & Vincent (darker grey) – BONDED PAIR
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Female (intact) & Male (neutered)
Age: 7 years & 8 Years
Cats: No/Not known
Dogs: Good
Kids: Good


Vanna (7 years) and Vincent (8 years) have been with the same owner for their entire lives thus far. They still are excited when we arrive home and enjoy going for walks.

When you first attempt to take them for walks they are excited and then they calm down once they have been out. This is mainly because they are inside by themselves all day from 7am to 5.45pm and only taken for three short (approximately 6 minutes at a time) pee breaks a day (morning around 6.30am, afternoon around 5.45pm and evening around 9.30pm). They are brushed as much as possible and do shed, as all huskies do.

Both dogs are good with other dogs including small dogs. Vincent can be high energy initially with dogs but only because he wants to play. They are good with kids (they currently live with two small children), and as with any dog we just tell the kids not to get in their faces. They are good with other people however, Vanna will chew paper if left alone too long. They don’t bark or wine and barely talk but Vincent wines occasionally when he sees other dogs on TV.

Huskies are not always good with commands but they are good with the basic commands – they will sit, stay, lay down etc. They are good on a leash but you just have to ensure you hold the leash tight. If they get off the leash they will run and they have no recall – ‘come here’ will NOT work. They are crate trained but they do not currently use it as theirs is now too small. They will sleep on the floor usually right beside each other.  They are OK in the car but they to get extremely excited.

Both dogs eat twice a day – one cup of kibble each in the morning around 6.45am and one cup each around 5.45 pm. They have water access all day. They are not picky eaters but Vincent is only able to eat high fibre foods due to a stomach virus he got when he was a puppy so should stick to the Beneful beef they are currently fed which seems to work for him. They do not have any guarding issues with eating and they do receive milk bones or greenies once and a awhile.

Vaccines and rabies are not up to date so they will need updating. The dogs are not getting enough time or exercise for their needs. Vincent is neutered however Vanna is still intact and will be rehomed on a strict non-breeding/spay contract. They are to be rehomed as a BONDED PAIR but consideration may be given to splitting them up for the right homes.

  • Located in Kitchener, ON – $250 donation fee to SHARP for both
  • Needs adopter
  • Looking for a home since September 2018

SHARP Adoption/Foster Application

Carl: Husky mix (M) 2 years (approx) – COURTESY LISTING

Name: Carl
Breed: Husky mix
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Age: 2 years (approx)
Cats: No/Not tested
Dogs: Good with other dog in home and if introduced slowly to others
Kids: No young children/older OK (due to fear issues)


Carl came to us from Fort McKay, Alberta. He was hit with a shovel and ended up with several facial fractures. He underwent surgery for these injuries and as a result had his left eye removed.

Carl is generally a lovable, playful pup who loves chasing and wrestling in the backyard, and going for long walks in the woods. He is content to sit outside in the yard and relax, but also likes coming in to be close to his people. He does not dig, jump, or chew. Carl has some complicated fear and trust issues. He does warm up to people if they let him come on his own terms, and if they bring him treats! He gets along famously with his canine sister, but has trouble meeting new dogs. However if he is able to meet them slowly, he is often ok with them.

Carl is very scared of loud noises and sudden movements from strangers. Because of his history, he is very scared of things like shovels, brooms, and sticks. Carl needs a new quiet and calm home where he won’t feel like he needs to bite to get out of a scary situation. He has nipped at and bitten on a couple occasions out of fear/stress, which is why he needs a new home away from the unpredictability of younger children and a loud house. He has been assessed by a trainer who feels that with the right person in the right home, he can be taught to manage his fear in a healthier way. Generally he chooses to find a safe spot in the house and come out again when he feels ready.

Carl can follow basic commands. He is fully crate trained, and likes to sleep in his crate both at night and while we are away in the day. We are working on getting him more comfortable with wearing a muzzle. He walks well with a chest harness and head halter. He is not an off leash dog as his fear issues can cause him to run and hide. He does great on long car rides. He eats one meal a day, in two portions in the evening out of a slow feeder bowl. He is not a picky eater and is food motivated. He does guard his food if he is not comfortable with whoever is around.

He is up to date with his vaccines, is microchipped, and has no other health concerns that we are aware of.

  • Located in Fort McMurray, Alberta – $400 adoption fee to SHARP
  • With owner, needs adopter
  • Looking for a home since August 2018

SHARP Adoption/Foster Application

Neeko: Alaskan Husky (M) 6½ years – COURTESY LISTING

Name: Neeko
Breed: Alaskan Husky
Gender: Male
Age: 6½ years
Cats: OK, under supervision
Dogs: No
Kids: No


His name is Neeko he is a male Alaskan husky, he’s 6 years old turning 7 in August.

He is ok with all the cats he has been around but has some issues with other dogs – he is a nervous dog and doesn’t like to be approached by other dogs at certain times and reacts out of fear, but has also got along with many as well. Because of this, he is better off in a single dog home.

He is not good with kids, very nervous around them and has nipped at my son – which is why I am needing to rehome him.

He is a fun loving dog loves hikes and walks. He is super intelligent can sit, lay down, shake both paws, high ten, play dead if pretend shot at, says hello and loves to play hide and seek. He is affectionate with me but not with strangers, as he is wary around them at first (again with the nervousness), but can come around.

His vaccines aren’t up to date, he needs rabies vaccine. He needs to be slowly introduced to other dogs and people. He is leash trained and loves to go on nature hikes. He is protective of his belongings – toys, sticks, food etc so will need someone who can deal with resource guarding.

  • Located in Creston, BC – $100 minimum donation fee
  • Needs experienced adopter
  • Looking for a home since April 2018

Contact owner direct: Alicia Faynor
Tel: 1-250-254-8523
Email: aliciafaynor@live.ca