Adopted – Found a Home

Dakota: Siberian Husky (M) 6 years – ADOPTED


Name: Dakota
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Male (Neutered)
Age: 6 years
Cats: No/Not tested
Dogs: Good – with big and small
Kids: Good – older


Dakota has been raised by me from a puppy, he is a very friendly and active dog.  He is sweet and gentle with lots of energy always ready to play.  He’s good with kids but might knock small children over.

He is fully house trained and good with other animals. He knows his basic commands.  I do not use a crate or kennel with him.  He does bark a bit when excited but not all the time. He pulls a bit at first when going for a walk and CANNOT be let off leash, he will run so can only be let off in dog parks or completely fenced in areas. He is afraid of fireworks and thunderstorms. He loves the outdoors so would make a great hiking partner.

He is fixed but I hasn’t had his shots in a couple of years so they will need updating. I have all the vet papers.  He is dearly loved but my circumstances have changed and cannot keep him.

Miko: Siberian Husky (M) 4 years – ADOPTED


Name: Miko
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Male (neutered)
Age: 4 years
Cats: No/Not tested
Dogs: Not good (see description)
Kids: Good, older


Miko is a handsome bi-eyed boy who is very happy to meet and loves people. He has a high energy level.

He’s not good with other dogs, but has been assessed by a trainer and needs very slow introductions to any dogs (while on leash) and carefully monitored for reaction. However, he is good with kids and currently lives with a 5 year old, but older may be better because of his high energy levels.  If around younger kids, he needs to be supervised since he may knock them over with trying to play.

Miko is obedient and will sit if told to for a treat and shake a paw. He needs to be walked on a front clip harness as he tends to pull on walks but settles nicely when walked on a harness of this type.  He does need to be corrected and told when he pulls and then he cooperates. Miko loves meeting people when out on walks and is okay if he sees another dog being walked but cannot get too close.  He will need supervision whilst in the yard as he will dig and escape if left alone.

Unfortunately Miko has not been walked enough lately so is very excitable when first on a walk, but settles down after he’s walked for a little bit.  He is good with commands and was seen by a trainer and followed all her commands nicely. The trainer has suggested with 2-3 training walks and leash work, he will do just fine. Once he is walked regularly, she thinks he will adjust very (he will need 2 walks per day).

Food is currently left in Miko’s bowl by his owner and he eats whenever he wants, he is not picky with food. He is contained in one area of the home.  Miko is up-to-date with Rabies but will need his routine vet care updating.

Ruin: Husky/Malamute mix (F) 18 months – ADOPTED


Name: Ruin
Breed: Husky/Malamute mix
Gender: Female (intact)
Age: 18 months approx
Cats: OK
Dogs: Very Good
Kids: Untested


Ruin is a big leggy girl. At 18 months she is about 70lbs. She is a stunning girl but has been bumped around homes from lack of breed knowledgeable owners. In my home with 5 other Northern breed mixes, she is fantastic. While still spunky in her young age, she will most likely take after her Malamute heritage and be quite a chill dog. She is very affectionate and adopter should be prepared to crate her alone in a separate room so that affection doesn’t become separation anxiety.

She has been known as a digger and climber though with decent 6 foot fences and a proper fencing base this hasn’t been an issue with me. She is crate trained and crated in a separate room with the other dogs. I can come and go and only receive a few minutes of crying at the moment. She is working on her obedience in recall, food patience and commands: sit, stay, off, lay down, and no. She is very smart and loves following rules and boundaries if given them, otherwise she will take advantage of the situation.

She is very manageable on leash. A puller but easy to correct. Just need to maintain consistency with this. She is being trained in harness as I sled and bike for fun. She is already picking up cues: gee, haw, easy and woah. Her ears and eyes are following, her body will be there soon!

My pack of dogs has really helped influence her positively. She doesn’t pace the fences here, just sits on the deck or by the couch inside and will be chill for down time. She will be an absolutely stunning dog for any one willing to exercise her and engage her brain in an active home!

She will be adopted on a strict non-breeding/spay contract.

Charlie: Siberian Husky (M) 2 years – ADOPTED


Name: Charlie
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Male (intact)
Age: 2 years
Cats: Unknown/Not advised
Dogs: Good
Kids: Older – due to jumping up


Charlie is a friendly guy with normal energy levels – a good walk or play time about an hour is fine.  He walks well on leash, knows sit and stay, is good in the car and a very good inside dog. He is very well mannered, loves toys.

Charlie came to his current foster as a stray. He had been given away by his original owner to someone else who never looked for him after he ran away. His first owner was tracked down and able to give his current foster details of his background.

Charlie was a house dog and was loved (and it shows). The original owner cannot take him back as he has gone away for work, his parents also couldn’t take him so he was surrendered.

Charlie is a typical 2 year old dog loves to play and go for a good walk, he was never an outside dog, he is so well mannered inside, loves to sleep on the sofa, loves his toys.  He hates to be tied outside. He’s never crated, has no food aggression, he eats when he wants to and soft mouth when taking treats. He’s currently on kibble and homemade food.

Charlie will need a secure, fenced yard otherwise he will try to escape and follow his nose and roam.  He will make a great family pet with older kids or a single parent.  He has come from a single parent home but is well socialised

Charlie is in good health, weighs about 57 pounds and was vaccinated as a puppy but not currently up to date.  He will need vaccinations and neutering. The current foster can work with the interested adopter for this as they have a good price at their clinic.  The foster can also help coordinate transport.

Neru: Siberian Husky (F) 4 years – ADOPTED


Name: Neru
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Female (spayed)
Age: 4 years (5 in June 2018)
Cats: Not tested
Dogs: Yes but selective – prefers larger dogs
Kids: Older 8+ years


My name is Neru. I am an adventurous and energetic Siberian Husky. I love to go for walks and sniff EVERYTHING. Sorry – but you can’t hide the treats from me. I have lots of energy and keep myself entertained with my dog toys, although I do prefer to play fetch in the back yard. I also enjoy cuddling in bed at night time.

I like to play with my toys, enjoy belly rubs and treats. I sometimes like to jump up and like to lick faces. I like being around people and do not like to be left alone. I also enjoy car rides. I tend not to do well with smaller dogs – bigger dogs are OK but need to stay away from my behind or I will get reactive. I’m a bit too big and energetic for smaller children so I would be more suited to play with older children. I get very excited about going on walks and will pull at times, so you will need a firm grip on the leash but I can walk nicely when I remember. I love lots of attention.

I know my basic commands (sit, stay, lay, roll over). Please do not put me in a crate, I get very anxious. I will sleep anywhere – under the bed, on the mat, on the couch.

I eat all types of dog food and usually a good eater. Sometimes I can be picky and would like hot dogs or chicken added to my food. I have no allergies. All my core vaccines are up to date and I am microchipped.

Dara: Alaskan Husky (F) 2½ years – ADOPTED


Name: Dara
Breed: Alaskan Husky
Gender: Female (spayed)
Age: 2½ years
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes


Affectionate, submissive with lots of energy!

Quiet but curious girl likes to watch the birds and squirrels. Very friendly thinks all humans and dogs are her best friends.

Knows all her basic commands sit, stay and lay down.  Needs leash work as she’s quite strong and pulls (does well with a halti). Still jumps up when greeting people.  Crate trained with no anxiety issues.  She needs at least an hour of exercise daily and is good at dog parks. She hates swimming and doesn’t really like water at all.

Eats a grain-free diet no food allergies, no food aggression.

Very sweet girl with beautiful amber eyes.  She is microchipped and all vaccinations up to date.

Yuko: Husky/Jindo mix (F) 3 years – ADOPTED


Name: Yuko
Breed: Husky/Jindo mix
Gender: Female (spayed)
Age: 3 years
Cats: No
Dogs: OK – can get along with some large male dogs but does not seem to like females much
Kids: OK – but older/teens


Yuko is a lovely and very kind dog that loves to cuddle beside you and by your feet.

She is very intelligent and listens to basic commands but can be stubborn sometimes. She does well on walks but cannot be off leash. She can play with other dogs under supervision, preferably large dogs, but unfortunately cannot live with another pet due to her Alpha personality.

She has very high stamina and loves to run. She will be great for owners that live an active lifestyle and do not spend too long hours away from home. Yuko has a tendency to jump at people from excitement but always calms down after you pet her and give her all of your attention.

She would NOT do well in an apartment due to her separation anxiety. If she is in a small room or space for long hours, she may scratch at the door or cry for long periods. She is crate trained but her anxiety can make her stressed inside the crate, causing her to scratch at it, if she’s in it for many hours alone at home. A house with a large fenced-in yard is ideal for her. Yuko has a history of jumping over small fences and running off from home.

She loves car rides. Yuko likes to sleep on floors and couches most of the time, instead of on her bed. Yuko can go to her bed on command too. She loves eating bananas and is a free eater, and has a habit of eating right after she goes potty. Yuko dislikes baths, going to the vet and getting her nails trimmed. She can get very stressed out from them and can be hard to handle.

She is up-to-date on her vaccines.

Aki: Siberian Husky (M) 5 months – ADOPTED


Name: Aki
Breed: Husky mix
Gender: Male (intact)
Age: 5 months
Cats: No
Dogs: OK – larger breed
Kids: 10+


Aki is the usual high energy, male, 5 month old Husky puppy. He loves playing around and play biting but when you say “ow” he will stop and start running around, he is very energetic and will require walks for at least an hour everyday. Work will need to be done on the mouthing habit.

A secured fenced garden would also be desirable.

Aki is still learning commands – he obeys when he’s calmed down but when he’s energetic he doesn’t tend to hear unless you speak loud and firm.  He will certainly require further training and social manners.  He’s pretty good on a leash, if he pulls you can correct him by pulling in a different direction and he follows with no problem. Again, this is something that will require continued work.  He is pretty good with potty, he will usually bark or whine until he’s able to go outside but accidents do still happen and with time and training this will also work out. He is good with car rides. He can sleep pretty much anywhere.

Aki can be a little protective of food and will bark or grunt if you try touch his food but he can be touched whilst eating it.  Again, this can be fixed with training whilst still young.  He is up to date with core vaccines and rabies.  Aki will be adopted on a neutering contract for when he reaches the appropriate age.  Aki would be best suited with an experienced owner who can work to correct some of his behaviour with consistent training.

Elvis: Husky (M) 10 years – ADOPTED


Name: Elvis
Breed: Husky mix
Gender: Male (neutered)
Age: 10 years approx
Cats: Yes – currently lives with 2 cats
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes


Elvis is a very happy go lucky dog who loves to go on walks and to dog parks. He’s very friendly and likes to sing (just like his namesake!). Being a senior, his energy level is around a medium until he gets excited which causes him to sneeze a lot – usually when getting the harness on him and when he meets new people.

Elvis is up to date on all shots. He was abused before we adopted him in January 2013. Our vet did Xrays and found he had his pelvic broken when younger and had items shoved up his nose, hence why he sneezes a lot. Surgery was not advised at his age to correct the sneezing.

He is a very happy and loving dog but only kisses people he feels safe with. He hates being in a crate (tried it and he shreds his bed and howls) he likes to lounge on the sofa. He enjoys long walks and being outside when it’s cooler. He LOVES the snow and is like a puppy playing in it. He gets along with dogs, cats and kids. The only time he was ever possessive was when a dog at a dog park attacked me, he came and shoved him away, growled and then stood in front of me. He is very good with commands but does like to eat books so best they are kept out of his reach!

No allergies that we know of but he’s currently fed Kirkland chicken kibble as lamb makes him sick. We don’t give him people food and he’s a bit guarding about his dog treats or bones.

Elvis will need a fenced yard and needs to wear a walking harness as he has issues from age and abuse – so no walking by neck/choke collars or using shock collars due to previous damage to his throat. Not sure who abused him but our vet said he had fractures that had healed and we would hate to see him hurt ever again. He is a great loving pet but due to moving for health reasons our new place will not allow large dogs.

Winston: Siberian Husky (M) 1 year old – ADOPTED


Name: Winston
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Male (neutered)
Age: 1 year old
Cats: Good
Dogs: Not tested
Kids: Good


Winston is very hyper (quite usual for his age) he loves to lick and jump up, but this could be worked on with further training.  When he first meets someone he is very happy and jumps up but will calm down after about 15 minutes – the more he meets the person, the calmer he is every time he sees them.

Winston likes car rides and is a good traveller.  He loves walks and playing catch.  He will walk on a leash (but as with this breed) he pulls hard, so again, more leash work would help.  He is trained to go to bathroom outside but he is not currently crate trained.

He knows how to sit and lay down.  He sleeps in our bedroom on the floor with a baby gate up.  He hates being inside all the time so a home with a fenced outdoor area would be more suited.

All his shots are up to date and he is de-wormed and neutered.