Adopted – Found a Home

Caesar: Husky mix (M) 1 year – ADOPTED


Name: Caesar
Breed: Husky mix
Gender: Male (neutered)
Age: 1 year
Cats: No/Not tested
Dogs: Very good
Kids: Not tested

Caesar is a 11 month old Husky/Lab mix looking for a good home. He is  a playfully energetic puppy who lives to be outside and take long walks. His personality is loving and playful but still needs some work, mostly with giving up toys and other things he has in his mouth, but will do anything for a treat!

He becomes excited when meeting other dogs and new people, but is fantastic with both (never had problems all sizes of dogs). He is a little nervous in the car, like most dogs calm at high speeds but mostly because he has rarely travelled.

Caesar is house trained, quite comfortable in the house and understands some basic commands Come/Sit/Stay (had some training but needs work). His favourite thing is playing with his toys in the yard – a large fenced yard is recommended.  He has never been taken off the leash outside of a fenced area and therefore he CANNOT go off leash. He pulls on the leash during walks but has had training and is progressing so leash work would need to be kept up.

He has not been crate trained and is comfortable in the house but like most puppies will have interest in everything. He is currently on dry food and is not picky with what he eats. Loves chicken and beef!

He was recently adopted so all vaccines are up to date. Also has no known allergies. He has never been tested around cats or children, so no homes with cats/small children but families with older, dog-experienced children would be considered.

Vanna (F) 7 years & Vincent (M) 8 years: Siberian Huskies – BONDED PAIR – ADOPTED


Name: Vanna (lighter grey) & Vincent (darker grey) – BONDED PAIR
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Female (intact) & Male (neutered)
Age: 7 years & 8 Years
Cats: No/Not known
Dogs: Good
Kids: Good

Vanna (7 years) and Vincent (8 years) have been with the same owner for their entire lives thus far. They still are excited when we arrive home and enjoy going for walks.

When you first attempt to take them for walks they are excited and then they calm down once they have been out. This is mainly because they are inside by themselves all day from 7am to 5.45pm and only taken for three short (approximately 6 minutes at a time) pee breaks a day (morning around 6.30am, afternoon around 5.45pm and evening around 9.30pm). They are brushed as much as possible and do shed, as all huskies do.

Both dogs are good with other dogs including small dogs. Vincent can be high energy initially with dogs but only because he wants to play. They are good with kids (they currently live with two small children), and as with any dog we just tell the kids not to get in their faces. They are good with other people however, Vanna will chew paper if left alone too long. They don’t bark or wine and barely talk but Vincent whines occasionally when he sees other dogs on TV.

Huskies are not always good with commands but they are good with the basic commands – they will sit, stay, lay down etc. They are good on a leash but you just have to ensure you hold the leash tight. If they get off the leash they will run and they have no recall – ‘come here’ will NOT work. They are crate trained but they do not currently use it as theirs is now too small. They will sleep on the floor usually right beside each other.  They are OK in the car but they to get extremely excited.

Both dogs eat twice a day – one cup of kibble each in the morning around 6.45am and one cup each around 5.45 pm. They have water access all day. They are not picky eaters but Vincent is only able to eat high fibre foods due to a stomach virus he got when he was a puppy so should stick to the Beneful beef they are currently fed which seems to work for him. They do not have any guarding issues with eating and they do receive milk bones or greenies once and a awhile.

Vaccines and rabies are not up to date so they will need updating. The dogs are not getting enough time or exercise for their needs. Vincent is neutered however Vanna is still intact and will be rehomed on a strict non-breeding/spay contract. They are to be rehomed as a BONDED PAIR but consideration may be given to splitting them up for the right homes.

Jeanette: Husky mix (F) 3 years – ADOPTED


Name: Jeanette
Breed: Husky mix
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Age: 3 years
Cats: OK
Dogs: Good with male can be aggressive with females, she’s an alpha
Kids: Excellent with older children


Jeannette loves attention, she will snuggle up to you. She is high energy, loves to be outside and absolutely loves walks and running. She is excited to meet other dogs and wants to play but because she is excitable, it can irritate older dogs.

Jeanette is spayed and shots are up to date, however we do not have vet records. She was abused in the past and may lose her bladder if yelled at or is fearful.

She obeys sit, lay down, will give paw but does not come when called outside, she has a strong prey drive and runs like the dickens if let loose – a fenced yard is essential. She’s a puller on the leash but we’re working on that. She is crate trained, and will go in if told to. She loves car rides but will stick her whole head and shoulders out the window so needs to be restrained. She loves to sleep with you on the bed (if you let her) but will sleep on the couch if allowed. Jeanette will respond to French commands.

She does have some minor food issues, she lays down with paws to the sides of the bowl to eat when other dogs are around to protect it but does not show any aggression. She is not picky with food and is extremely gentle when given treats.

Mia: Siberian Husky (F) 2 years – ADOPTED


Name: Mia
Breed: Siberian Husky
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Age: 2 years
Cats: Not tested (Has lived with cats but not tested with others)
Dogs: Yes – prefers males
Kids: Yes

Mia is a gorgeous female spayed Siberian Husky. She’s 2 years old and a real sweetheart!

She was surrendered to the SPCA in Quebec due to her owner having severe allergies.  She had not been doing well in a shelter environment and was rather timid and had been showing signs of stress due to not having an outlet for her husky energy levels or much human company.  However she has since opened up being in a foster home and is coming out of her shell and is more lively and happier now that she can play with other dogs and have more exercise and company.

Mia has some understanding of basic obedience: she knows “Sit” and “Come”. She is used to living as much inside as outside so would do well being an indoor/outdoor dog.  She is very clean and healthy and has recently been spayed. She has shown some resource guarding in the past which will need to be worked on, especially if homed with another dog/s or will need fed separately as she is quite a slow eater.  She previously lived with a 2 year old child, another dog and cats.  She is now living with other dogs in her foster home.

Mia is up to date on vaccines and is covered for DHLPP, Bordetella (kennel cough) and de-wormer (treatments of Advantage Multi).

As is usual with this breed, she is a very active/high energy girl, independent and will need someone to work with her to gain her trust and confidence until she comes out of her shell a bit more.  She will need a home where she can get plenty of exercise but will need a secure yard with suitable high fencing.  Mia travels very well in a vehicle and will jump right in and lay down and settle.

Serena (F) 2 years & Kane (M) 1½ years: Siberian Huskies – BONDED PAIR – ADOPTED


Name: Serena and Kane – BONDED PAIR
Breed: Siberian Huskies
Sex: Female (spayed) and male (intact)
Age: 2 years & 1½ years
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes, large and small
Kids: Yes


Kane (1½ years, blue eyes) is really friendly, loves everyone, even strangers.  He gets excited on meeting people and doesn’t understand personal space but will settle once he’s received attention, he’s super affectionate. Bit of a goofball, him and Serena will play wrestle for about 20 minutes then settle down and lay at your feet together for a couple hours so the high energy comes in spurts.

Kane does well crated – both him and Serena will go willingly with a treat. Sometimes they will share the same crate as they are closely bonded.  Kane does need crating if being left in the house. He can, at times, get destructive with small things he finds or couch cushions if you leave him loose.  He’s trained to ask at the door when he needs to go to the toilet and he likes car rides. He does pull when you walk him and has a mind of his own, he’s stubborn so will need some extra leash training.  The garbage needs a good lid and toys/shoes need to be put away in case he thinks they are dog toys.

Serena (2 years, brown eyes) is much calmer now so she doesn’t always want to play when Kane does.  She can be left uncrated but sometimes they prefer to go in together.  She’s pretty calm when indoors. At most she’ll wrestle with Kane for about 20 minutes or so then she’ll chill out on the floor near you.  She does very well in crates but only when he’s with her as she cries to get out on her own.  She is more trustworthy to be left loose in the house, however she CANNOT be left alone outside as she is an escape artist and digs out or jumps fences and she is very fast once she finds a breach.  She will need a high fenced in escape-proof yard.

Both dogs can be left for around 3-4 hours a day but Serena will need to be watched for separation anxiety which she had when she was younger and was very destructive.  She does know how to open doors so they need to be locked and baby gates won’t work.  However, she is super cuddly, loving and very sweet once she knows you but timid around strangers.  This can sometimes be an issue out on a walk, she gets scared and will pull to go back home but she loves dog parks. Unlike Kane she has anxiety with people she doesn’t know.  Kane is very social compared to her.

Because of her anxiety with strangers and how close she is to Kane is why they need to go to a home together.  He’s so social and he’d be fine with anyone that was good to him but Serena would not do well without him.

Both are up to date on shots and healthy with full vet history.  Kane does have an undescended testicle so will need neutering to avoid future health issues related to cryptorchidism.

Neptune: Siberian Husky (M) 2 years – ADOPTED


Name: Neptune
Breed: Siberian Husky
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Age: 2 years
Cats: No/Not tested
Dogs: Yes – good with big and small
Kids: Yes – good


My name is Neptune and I recently turned two years old.  I’m male, neutered, up-to-date on all my vaccines and I’m microchipped.  I have lots of energy and love to run, play tug of war, chase multiple soccer balls and jog with my owner.  If I’m exercised properly I’ll happily relax for most of the day.

I’ve been in the same home since I was 2 months old and grew up with two small children.  I’ve been taught not to jump on kids although sometimes I lean against them for affection which knocks them over.  Adults I get very excited around and I’ll likely jump all over you or any visitors so will need reminding about not to do this.

I love to jog and walk although I do pull on the leash.  I’m working on heel but I need much reminding at the beginning of each walk.  Sometimes when I’m walking or jogging I get over excited and I start to run as fast as I can, which can make it difficult to hold me.  I’m very strong.  My trainer once called me ‘extremely intelligent, even for a husky’.  I love meeting other dogs of all sizes and people. I’m very playful and I love to talk/howl to strangers.  I love driving around in cars and I’m a good traveller.

In the house I do not jump on furniture or counter surf for food.  I’ve periodically been left alone in the house for extended periods of time and I’ve never caused trouble.  I haven’t been crated since I was a few months old so I’m not sure how I would respond if you tried.

Outside I cannot be trusted alone, even for a moment.  I will dig and chew my way under the fence so that I can explore the neighbourhood.   And recall, no way, I have none! I’d rather explore so need 100% supervision and NEVER allowed off-leash.

I’ve been fed a diet of salmon once a day and grain free kibble twice a day.  My kibble is boring and sometimes I don’t eat it.  One of my favourite treats is raw marrow/soup bones which I’ll happily chew on for hours.  I do have a sensitive stomach and can tolerate beef but pork, chicken and other meats can make me sick.  I’ve never growled at my owners or guarded my food.

Ideally, I need a strong, experienced dog owner who would enjoy giving me the exercise I need and be firm as I’m stubborn.  I also want to stay close to you so don’t leave me for long periods as I get anxious.

Dakota: Siberian Husky (M) 6 years – ADOPTED


Name: Dakota
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Male (Neutered)
Age: 6 years
Cats: No/Not tested
Dogs: Good – with big and small
Kids: Good – older


Dakota has been raised by me from a puppy, he is a very friendly and active dog.  He is sweet and gentle with lots of energy always ready to play.  He’s good with kids but might knock small children over.

He is fully house trained and good with other animals. He knows his basic commands.  I do not use a crate or kennel with him.  He does bark a bit when excited but not all the time. He pulls a bit at first when going for a walk and CANNOT be let off leash, he will run so can only be let off in dog parks or completely fenced in areas. He is afraid of fireworks and thunderstorms. He loves the outdoors so would make a great hiking partner.

He is fixed but I hasn’t had his shots in a couple of years so they will need updating. I have all the vet papers.  He is dearly loved but my circumstances have changed and cannot keep him.

Miko: Siberian Husky (M) 4 years – ADOPTED


Name: Miko
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Male (neutered)
Age: 4 years
Cats: No/Not tested
Dogs: Not good (see description)
Kids: Good, older


Miko is a handsome bi-eyed boy who is very happy to meet and loves people. He has a high energy level.

He’s not good with other dogs, but has been assessed by a trainer and needs very slow introductions to any dogs (while on leash) and carefully monitored for reaction. However, he is good with kids and currently lives with a 5 year old, but older may be better because of his high energy levels.  If around younger kids, he needs to be supervised since he may knock them over with trying to play.

Miko is obedient and will sit if told to for a treat and shake a paw. He needs to be walked on a front clip harness as he tends to pull on walks but settles nicely when walked on a harness of this type.  He does need to be corrected and told when he pulls and then he cooperates. Miko loves meeting people when out on walks and is okay if he sees another dog being walked but cannot get too close.  He will need supervision whilst in the yard as he will dig and escape if left alone.

Unfortunately Miko has not been walked enough lately so is very excitable when first on a walk, but settles down after he’s walked for a little bit.  He is good with commands and was seen by a trainer and followed all her commands nicely. The trainer has suggested with 2-3 training walks and leash work, he will do just fine. Once he is walked regularly, she thinks he will adjust very (he will need 2 walks per day).

Food is currently left in Miko’s bowl by his owner and he eats whenever he wants, he is not picky with food. He is contained in one area of the home.  Miko is up-to-date with Rabies but will need his routine vet care updating.

Ruin: Husky/Malamute mix (F) 18 months – ADOPTED


Name: Ruin
Breed: Husky/Malamute mix
Gender: Female (intact)
Age: 18 months approx
Cats: OK
Dogs: Very Good
Kids: Untested


Ruin is a big leggy girl. At 18 months she is about 70lbs. She is a stunning girl but has been bumped around homes from lack of breed knowledgeable owners. In my home with 5 other Northern breed mixes, she is fantastic. While still spunky in her young age, she will most likely take after her Malamute heritage and be quite a chill dog. She is very affectionate and adopter should be prepared to crate her alone in a separate room so that affection doesn’t become separation anxiety.

She has been known as a digger and climber though with decent 6 foot fences and a proper fencing base this hasn’t been an issue with me. She is crate trained and crated in a separate room with the other dogs. I can come and go and only receive a few minutes of crying at the moment. She is working on her obedience in recall, food patience and commands: sit, stay, off, lay down, and no. She is very smart and loves following rules and boundaries if given them, otherwise she will take advantage of the situation.

She is very manageable on leash. A puller but easy to correct. Just need to maintain consistency with this. She is being trained in harness as I sled and bike for fun. She is already picking up cues: gee, haw, easy and woah. Her ears and eyes are following, her body will be there soon!

My pack of dogs has really helped influence her positively. She doesn’t pace the fences here, just sits on the deck or by the couch inside and will be chill for down time. She will be an absolutely stunning dog for any one willing to exercise her and engage her brain in an active home!

She will be adopted on a strict non-breeding/spay contract.

Charlie: Siberian Husky (M) 2 years – ADOPTED


Name: Charlie
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Male (intact)
Age: 2 years
Cats: Unknown/Not advised
Dogs: Good
Kids: Older – due to jumping up


Charlie is a friendly guy with normal energy levels – a good walk or play time about an hour is fine.  He walks well on leash, knows sit and stay, is good in the car and a very good inside dog. He is very well mannered, loves toys.

Charlie came to his current foster as a stray. He had been given away by his original owner to someone else who never looked for him after he ran away. His first owner was tracked down and able to give his current foster details of his background.

Charlie was a house dog and was loved (and it shows). The original owner cannot take him back as he has gone away for work, his parents also couldn’t take him so he was surrendered.

Charlie is a typical 2 year old dog loves to play and go for a good walk, he was never an outside dog, he is so well mannered inside, loves to sleep on the sofa, loves his toys.  He hates to be tied outside. He’s never crated, has no food aggression, he eats when he wants to and soft mouth when taking treats. He’s currently on kibble and homemade food.

Charlie will need a secure, fenced yard otherwise he will try to escape and follow his nose and roam.  He will make a great family pet with older kids or a single parent.  He has come from a single parent home but is well socialised

Charlie is in good health, weighs about 57 pounds and was vaccinated as a puppy but not currently up to date.  He will need vaccinations and neutering. The current foster can work with the interested adopter for this as they have a good price at their clinic.  The foster can also help coordinate transport.