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9 Siberian Huskies/Alaskan Malamutes (M & F) – ages 5 years & 8 years – ADOPTED

SHARP has been asked for assistance in placing 9 huskies needing homes due to family issues. The dogs are all currently located in Whitehorse, Yukon but transport can be arranged to Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver (possibly further east for the right home).

Assistance is also required for food and vetting whilst they are in temporary foster care – all dogs will be spayed/neutered if not already done. The group includes a mother, father and offspring siblings. If you can help with donations or by sharing to get these dogs new homes.

For further information, please contact: or send in an Application Form

Donations can be sent to: and please mention it is for the Whitehorse 9 dogs to go direct to their care.

Please note these dogs:

  • are mainly ideal for active persons and/or loving families
  • need large amounts of exercise and care
  • are primarily kept outside and can be used for recreational dogsledding/ski-joring/hiking
  • most would not fair well in a multi-dog home and not good with small animals or cats
  • can be placed individually or in groups together
  • there is one bonded pair (male and female) that would do better placed together
  • none are crate trained

Adoption fees are listed on each dog.


  • Siberian Husky/Alaskan Malamute
  • Male – neutered
  • 5 years old
  • A highly dedicated and powerful puller
  • Trained wheel dog
  • Loves to cuddle
  • $150 adoption fee

Juri would pair well with another dog, he’s very easy going. He is not completely house broken so that will need some training but he will figure it out. He is pretty quiet. He will pull apart chain link if he finds a weak spot but overall he is very calm and not an escape artist. He is in between a Malamute and a Siberian for size. He has been losing a little bit of weight with being on weight management food. He will need leash training but as long as it’s put higher on the neck he adapts well and listens.









Mac: Husky/Shepherd (M) 8 years – LISTING FOR SHELTER SERVICE – ADOPTED


Name: Mac
Breed: Husky/Shepherd mix
Gender: Male (neutered)
Age: 8 years
Cats: NO
Dogs: Yes – large, no smaller dogs
Kids: Older – teens


This handsome dog’s name is Mac, and he is Fredericton’s latest dog in need of a forever home.

Mac is an (almost) 8 year old Husky/Shepherd mix, and weighs in at approximately 115 pounds. Mac has been well cared for throughout his life as a family dog, and is now looking for the perfect home to spend the rest of his golden years.

Mac requires a home able to provide him with the mental and physical stimulation he needs. Aside from early signs of arthritis in his hips, Mac is healthy and up to date on all vaccinations. Mac does suffer from anxiety and can be destructive when left alone during the day all by himself. For this reason, we would love to find Mac a home where he will have a human companion by his side throughout the day.

Mac will wander if not leashed, and therefore we are looking for a home with a fenced-in yard. Mac does well with other large dogs, and we think having a dog-sibling would be great for Mac to help him handle his anxiety, especially when left alone. Mac does have a strong prey drive and given his large size, he would not do well in a home with cats or other small animals. Mac also pulls when walking on leash, therefore his next owner will need to be able to handle walking a dog of his size. Mac should not go to a home with young children.

Once Mac warms up to you and forms a bond, he is a loving dog who just wants to spend his time with his person.  Mac is neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

ElderDog Fredericton –

Timber: Husky/mix (M) 2 years – ADOPTED


Name: Timber
Breed: Husky/mix
Gender: Male (currently intact)
Age: 2 years (DOB 25th May 2017)
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes

My name is Timber, I am a 2 year old Husky. (I think my Dad was malamute). I’m not currently neutered.

I am great with people and other dogs. I’ve never been up close to a cat but like to jump at the fence and bark when the neighbour’s cat sits and teases me, so it is more than likely that I would not suit a home with cats.

I have never shown any aggression towards any human or other dogs. I currently live in a family with children who I absolutely adore and love playing with them.

I am crate trained, know basic commands and walk well on a leash, although I like to jump around at first when I am excited to go out. I will need a fenced yard but must not to be left unsupervised since I can and will jump fences.

My owner has fallen chronically ill and can no longer care for me the way I need. Like all typical huskies, I am very mischievous and hyper and I need lots of walks. I also love to eat the garbage and anything I can get my hands on, so I still need quite a bit of supervision and training due to my age and energy levels.

I’m hoping to find my forever home with a family that can take me on long daily walks and adventures and keep me stimulated so I don’t get into trouble. I love the outdoors, especially the snow, and never want to come back inside.

I eat lamb and rice food because chicken upsets my belly. I am due for my vaccinations but am otherwise a happy and healthy boy.

Timber will be adopted on a strict non-breeding/neuter contract if not done before adoption.

Loki: Siberian Husky/Lab (M) 9 years – ADOPTED


Name: Loki
Breed: Siberian Husky/Lab mix
Gender: Male (Neutered)
Age: 9 years (DOB: 22nd September 2010)
Cats: Maybe – Has lived with a cat before but would need supervision around new cats
Dogs: Very good
Kids: Very good


This is Loki. He’s incredibly gentle, great with kids and other dogs, and a fantastic running partner. He’s up to date on Rabies, DAPPv, Leptospirosis, is treated yearly for ticks, and has yearly heartworm, tick, and Lyme screening.

He walks well beside you, and does not pull on the leash, and he has a good recall when off leash (although it can falter at times if there’s a lot of stimulation…SQUIRREL!). He absolutely loves trail running, and has been conditioned for long distance running, although I can tell he’s been slowing down a bit this past year. He’s been surrounded by children since he was brought home as a puppy, and loves to cuddle up with them on the floor. He’s very submissive with other dogs. He has lived with a cat before who had issues with him, but he was fine with the cat. No other cat exposure so this would have to be monitored/supervised.

His feeding is pretty unstructured. His bowl is filled when it’s empty, and he eats as he likes. He usually eats more during the winter months, and less in the summer. He’s not overly picky on what he eats, and will go counter surfing if you leave him alone around food. He does eat on a set schedule if he’s around other dogs, but that may result in him not eating for a day or so, but he eventually makes up for it.

When I’m with him, he’s the best dog I could ask for! His living situation changed a few years ago. He used to have someone who worked from home, with children most days, so was never left alone for prolonged periods of time. He always had social interactions. Unfortunately he’s now left alone for large parts of the day, and he hasn’t adapted well. He suffers from some mild separation anxiety. The worst of his issues occur doing during bad weather (thunder), or fireworks, when he’s alone. He can become destructive (destroying his bed, tipping over food dishes, etc), and while he’s house trained all other times, he will often relieve himself if alone during the weather.  He was crate trained as a puppy, but recent attempt to re-crate him have only increased his anxiety.

I can’t give him the attention he needs by myself anymore, and he’s suffering for it. He would thrive so much more in a more social environment. Someone who works from home, or even someone with other dogs. I know he’ll be happier with someone who has more flexibility to give him the attention he needs. It’s been such a difficult time making this decision, but I’m hoping it works out best for him in the end.

Maeve: Siberian Husky (F) 5 years – ADOPTED


Name: Maeve
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Female (spayed)
Age: 5 years
Cats: NO
Dogs: NO
Kids: Yes


Maeve is a grey and white 60lb (27kg) spayed female and just the prettiest lady you ever did see! At 5 years young, she still has plenty of spring in her step and spunk in her life to complete a family. Maeve is fully house trained  and head over heels for kids.

Due to her high prey drive and dominance, she is not suitable for a home with other dogs, cats and small animals.

With a little practice, Maeve will be perfectly mannered on leash. This comes easy as she is very eager to please for a cookie and belly rubs. She is perfect with “sit, down, and shake a paw. Maeve loves to be with her people and especially loves catching some air with her head out the car window!

Maeve is up to date on vaccinations.

Apply today to make Maeve a part of your family! She’s sure not to disappoint!

More About This Rescue

Hammer City Paws is located in Hamilton and we work with shelters all over North America in order to find the perfect home for the dogs in our care. All of our dogs are placed in foster homes until they get adopted.

Baltimore: Siberian Husky (M) 2 years – ADOPTED


Name: Baltimore
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Male (neutered)
Age: 2 years
Cats: NO
Dogs: No smaller dogs
Kids: Older


Meet Baltimore, a stunning and friendly 2 yr old husky who is currently with Ottawa Dog Rescue (also known as O-Town Dog Rescue) but able to be transferred to SHARP for suitable foster or adopter.

This boy is so much fun – a typical husky who loves the great outdoors and is enjoying his time at his current foster location.

Baltimore is fully vetted (neutered, DHPP, Rabies, heart worm and lyme negative).  He is great with people but needs someone with husky experience.  He does have prey drive so he is not recommended with small animals, cats and dogs smaller than himself.  He is fine with dogs his size or larger with proper introductions.

He would do great with an active adventurous family and he also likes to pull the sled or would be able to run in harness such as bikejoring. He is good with one or two dogs but a pack is too much for him at this point. He is a loud and outgoing player with lots of vocalizing and rough paw slamming but is learning boundaries. After a good hike or run he loves to sit quietly outside and observe things.

Miko (Meeks): Siberian Husky (M) 2 years – ADOPTED


Name: Miko (Meeks)
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Male (Intact)
Age: 2 years
Cats: No/Not tested
Dogs: SELECTIVE – Loves female dogs, cannot share home with male dog
Kids: No


Miko is a charming, smart and dedicated blue-eyed boy. He is a high energy dog, however, he will spend his whole day snoozing with his favourite toy as long as he has spent quality time with you playing and learning. He may come off shy at first, but once he gets to know you, his personality and love for you will radiate. He will become the most loving, affectionate and dedicated companion you will ever have. He is great with company and loves getting all the extra love and belly rubs from your friends. However, if he senses that something is not quite right, he will instinctively turn into a great guard dog.

Ideally for him, he needs an experienced home without young children and without another male dog. Due to his energy level, he requires a home with a contained back yard that he can explore and exercise in.  He has been through a lot as a puppy, as he was rescued from a bad home at just 6 months old. Most of his quirks and anxieties have been slowly trained out of his personality, however he can still exhibit slight resource guarding. When he exhibits this behaviour, he will respond to the commands “no” and “back up” which will allow you to remove the item from him. This trait can also be caused due to pent up energy. As long as Miko has had plenty of exercise it should be a rare occurrence.

He is extremely well behaved and will love practicing his tricks with you. He will heel, sit, stand up, lay down, shake paw (left and right), and place on command. His recall is also great within fenced areas, as long as he practices his commands daily. You do not need to worry about him pulling on his leash as he heels on command, and will sniff and explore on command as well (Cue: “go sniff”/“its ok”).

He is a healthy young boy, up to date on all his vaccinations, free of medical concerns, allergies or any food aversions. He currently eats Acana twice a day, and will bring his bowl to you throughout the day to ask for more.

Miko is an incredible young boy. Once you get to know him, he will be the best friend you could ever imagine. He will be adopted on a strict neuter/non-breeding contract.

Luna: Siberian Husky (F) 1 year 7 months – ADOPTED


Name: Luna
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Female (Intact)
Age: 1 year 7 months (DOB: 14 August 2017)
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Kids: No

Luna is a sweet young dog who loves to play and run. she tends to jump on people sometimes so will need training to break this habit.  She is therefore not suited for small children due to jumping and mouthing.

She did tend to be a shy dog at first but she is now becoming more confident with both humans and other dogs. She is becoming a bit of an alpha female and she prefers to be the leader of the pack so you will need to establish your role immediately whilst she is at this phase of her development.

She loves treats so this will be a good training aid for rewards.  She is OK walking with the leash but will need some more work.  She cannot be allowed off-leash and has no recall, so she should only be allowed to free run in a fenced-in area.  She absolutely cannot live with cats, so no homes with cats.  She is not crate trained but she knows basic commands.

Luna is bi-eyed and has one blue eye and one brown.  She is currently intact, so will be adopted out on a strict non-breeding/spay contract if not done before adoption.  She is in good health.

Moose: Siberian Husky (M) 4 years old – ADOPTED


Name: Moose
Breed: Siberian Husky
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Age: 4 years old
Cats: No – Not tested
Dogs: Good with dogs same size or larger
Kids: Good with children


Moose is a gorgeous Husky from Quebec. He was transferred to Etobicoke Humane Society because the shelter he was in had run out of space and his days were numbered. Moose has been well behaved and loves everyone and dogs he meets on his walks. He is very gentle when he plays with people and has a lot of energy. At the end of the day, he spends time napping at his foster family’s feet.

Moose is 4 years old and is healthy. He has been diagnosed with cataracts but he doesn’t need any treatment at this time and it doesn’t seem to make any difference to him. He has been neutered, is up to date on his vaccinations and is microchipped.

Moose is looking for a forever home with a fully fenced yard where he can play and play and a family that is home more than not since he doesn’t like to be left alone.  We think he would be suited in a home with a dog of similar size but he hasn’t been cat tested so it wouldn’t be wise to place him with cats.

Luna: Siberian Husky (F) 11 years – ADOPTED


Name: Luna
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Female (Spayed)
Age: 11 years
Cats: OK with indoor cats
Dogs: Yes – good
Kids: Yes – all ages


Luna is a truly wonderful dog that we sadly need to find a new home for due to her human family’s health issues. She is very sweet and loving, and has never had any health issues of any kind. Luna is an extremely petite husky, weighing in at only 40 lbs. Luna is a very easy dog to love, and to live with.

Luna absolutely loves to be around people and other dogs. Ideally she would love a home where people are home during the day. Luna is great with kids, including young children and babies. She would be happy to have a human or canine brother or sister in the same household, OR to be an only child. She howls with excitement whenever people come to the door (making her a good ‘alarm’ dog), however she would not be a good guard dog as she loves all people including strangers!!! She gets very excited when meeting other dogs, and does best meeting them off leash as she immediately wants to roughhouse and chase which results in pulling and tangling of leashes if they are involved. Of course Luna loves to go on walks or to the dog park, but once she’s had enough exercise she loves to curl up and cuddle with people and watch TV. Luna loves the outdoors in all seasons. She likes to go lie in a sun patch, even on some of the hottest summer days.

Luna knows her basic commands such as OFF, SIT, STAY, COME, etc. but she doesn’t always listen, so she can’t be off leash anywhere near a road or open space. She walks well on a leash, sometimes with some minor pulling when you first start walking because she is so excited, or of course if she sees a squirrel! She has spent lots of time off leash up at the cottage where she happily wanders around a few fenced acres and comes back when she’s ready to rest and eat. She lives with an indoor cat and has done so for most of her life with no issues, however she does chase (and often catch) small prey in the backyard, so she might not be safe with an outdoor cat where her prey drive could be triggered. If you leave the room with delicious food on the table or counter, Luna sometimes can’t resist helping herself to a snack.

She currently sleeps on her own bed in the same room as her owner, and she knows never to go on the furniture. If you choose to invite her up however, she would be overjoyed to snuggle with you on the sofa or bed.

Luna has no allergies and likes lots of different foods. She is easy to feed, you can leave her food out and she will eat when she needs to without becoming overweight. She also loves to be the ‘pre wash cycle’ and lick off the human dishes before they go in the dishwasher! She loves to have rawhide as a treat, however she cannot have bones of any kind even ‘dog safe’ ones as she will chew them up and eat the whole thing and then have a lot pain digesting.

As a husky, Luna sheds her whole undercoat a couple times a year which means a lot of fur in your house and on your clothes. She also likes to howl and talk at times. Please make sure you are really okay with that before getting any husky!

Luna is spayed and her vaccines are up to date.