Adopted – Found a Home

Moose: Siberian Husky (M) 4 years old – COURTESY POST – ADOPTED



Name: Moose
Breed: Siberian Husky
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Age: 4 years old
Cats: No – Not tested
Dogs: Good with dogs same size or larger
Kids: Good with children


Moose is a gorgeous Husky from Quebec. He was transferred to Etobicoke Humane Society because the shelter he was in had run out of space and his days were numbered. Moose has been well behaved and loves everyone and dogs he meets on his walks. He is very gentle when he plays with people and has a lot of energy. At the end of the day, he spends time napping at his foster family’s feet.

Moose is 4 years old and is healthy. He has been diagnosed with cataracts but he doesn’t need any treatment at this time and it doesn’t seem to make any difference to him. He has been neutered, is up to date on his vaccinations and is microchipped.

Moose is looking for a forever home with a fully fenced yard where he can play and play and a family that is home more than not since he doesn’t like to be left alone.  We think he would be suited in a home with a dog of similar size but he hasn’t been cat tested so it wouldn’t be wise to place him with cats.

Luna: Siberian Husky (F) 11 years – COURTESY LISTING – ADOPTED


Name: Luna
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Female (Spayed)
Age: 11 years
Cats: OK with indoor cats
Dogs: Yes – good
Kids: Yes – all ages


Luna is a truly wonderful dog that we sadly need to find a new home for due to her human family’s health issues. She is very sweet and loving, and has never had any health issues of any kind. Luna is an extremely petite husky, weighing in at only 40 lbs. Luna is a very easy dog to love, and to live with.

Luna absolutely loves to be around people and other dogs. Ideally she would love a home where people are home during the day. Luna is great with kids, including young children and babies. She would be happy to have a human or canine brother or sister in the same household, OR to be an only child. She howls with excitement whenever people come to the door (making her a good ‘alarm’ dog), however she would not be a good guard dog as she loves all people including strangers!!! She gets very excited when meeting other dogs, and does best meeting them off leash as she immediately wants to roughhouse and chase which results in pulling and tangling of leashes if they are involved. Of course Luna loves to go on walks or to the dog park, but once she’s had enough exercise she loves to curl up and cuddle with people and watch TV. Luna loves the outdoors in all seasons. She likes to go lie in a sun patch, even on some of the hottest summer days.

Luna knows her basic commands such as OFF, SIT, STAY, COME, etc. but she doesn’t always listen, so she can’t be off leash anywhere near a road or open space. She walks well on a leash, sometimes with some minor pulling when you first start walking because she is so excited, or of course if she sees a squirrel! She has spent lots of time off leash up at the cottage where she happily wanders around a few fenced acres and comes back when she’s ready to rest and eat. She lives with an indoor cat and has done so for most of her life with no issues, however she does chase (and often catch) small prey in the backyard, so she might not be safe with an outdoor cat where her prey drive could be triggered. If you leave the room with delicious food on the table or counter, Luna sometimes can’t resist helping herself to a snack.

She currently sleeps on her own bed in the same room as her owner, and she knows never to go on the furniture. If you choose to invite her up however, she would be overjoyed to snuggle with you on the sofa or bed.

Luna has no allergies and likes lots of different foods. She is easy to feed, you can leave her food out and she will eat when she needs to without becoming overweight. She also loves to be the ‘pre wash cycle’ and lick off the human dishes before they go in the dishwasher! She loves to have rawhide as a treat, however she cannot have bones of any kind even ‘dog safe’ ones as she will chew them up and eat the whole thing and then have a lot pain digesting.

As a husky, Luna sheds her whole undercoat a couple times a year which means a lot of fur in your house and on your clothes. She also likes to howl and talk at times. Please make sure you are really okay with that before getting any husky!

Luna is spayed and her vaccines are up to date.

Luna: Siberian Husky (F) 1 Year 4 months – COURTESY LISTING – ADOPTED


Name: Luna
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Female (Intact)
Age: 1 year 4 months
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Kids: No


Luna is a great dog loves to play and run, she loves to jump on people so will need training to break this habit and therefore not suited for small children due to jumping and mouthing.

At first she is a very shy dog, she was raised with another rescue dog and gets on well with other dogs but is more reserved towards people.  She is shy on first meeting and needs to build confidence to greet strangers so is better to be left until she approaches to meet you.

She loves treats so this will be a good training aid for rewards.  She cannot be let off leash so she will need a secured fenced in yard where she can be supervised so she doesn’t jump or dig.  She absolutely cannot live with cats, so no homes with cats.  She is crate trained and knows basic commands.

Luna is bi-eyed and has one blue eye and one brown.  She is currently intact, so will be adopted out on a strict non-breeding/spay contract if not done before adoption.  She is in good health and will be up to date on her vaccinations.


Taiko: Husky/Malamute mix (M) 7 years – ADOPTED


Name: Taiko
Breed: Husky/Malamute mix
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Age: 7 years old
Cats: Good
Dogs: Good
Kids: Good


Taiko is a fun loving, high energy dog.  He loves to play outside, especially in the cooler months.  He loves the snow and to get to roam and sniff to his heart’s content.  He loves adults and kids and is always excited to meet new people and dogs.  He is very gentle and was 3 years old when we took our new baby home, absolutely no problems, he even slept at the foot of her crib during the young years.  He’s a big teddy bear.

Taiko did have an accident two years ago where he tore the cruciate ligament in one of his knees.  He had the best surgery available, a new hybrid process of the tibial plateau leveling osteotomy surgery which he was part of a study and the surgery was a great success.  He’s better than ever and you’d never know that he had the surgery.

Taiko is friendly with everyone, people, dogs, other types of animals.  He even once tried to play with a raccoon, he quickly realized the raccoon did not feel the same way. Taiko is always looking to have fun and exercise.  He loves to be able to run.

Taiko did have puppy training and when indoors and not distracted, he does follow basic commands such as sit and lie down.  He tends to pull on the leash when walked so a ‘Halty’ harness is used which solves the problem.  He sleeps indoors in our home, he has free roam of the house as he is very well behaved indoors.

Taiko is in very good health and had his last vaccines including rabies shot in June of 2016.  He currently eats Nutro grain-free dog food.

Leia: Husky (F) 7 years – ADOPTED


Name: Leia
Breed: Husky/Northern Inuit
Gender: Female (Spayed)
Age: 7 years
Cats: NO
Dogs: Yes but prefers males
Kids: Yes

Leia has a great personality when people are around her, she’s super quiet and calm all the time when she has company. She just can’t handle being alone without having a meltdown – she will pant and lick at her paws excessively until they are sore and will try and break out of her containment.  Because of her severe separation anxiety, she needs to be with someone who is at home all day or works from home or can take her to work.  She would definitely be better in a home with another dog/s.  She gets on with all dogs she meets and is very playful with everyone but will back off if a dog is not interested.

She can be quite vocal – she howls and sings when she’s happy to see you or when she knows she is going for a walk, she sometimes gets up on her hind legs to give hugs.

Due to her prey drive, she tends to chase cats and small animals so a home with no cats is necessary. She has no issues with children and she has been around kids from ages 5 to 9 years. She sleeps wherever she likes, which is on the floor and that’s her choice. She’s loves receiving affection and will stay on her back while your rub her belly indefinitely if you have that kind of stamina! In all honesty, the only bad thing about her is her inability to be alone and her destructive nature when she is, she will need someone to gradually teach her to use a crate and she is OK for short periods (such as eating, treats, etc).  She would be happier being left to roam with another male dog as company or even in a secure outside dog run as she loves being outdoors.  She has shown signs of resource guarding around other dogs – but not humans – so this will need to be watched for and to remove toys etc to no guarding takes place/

For Leia’s day to day she’s very calm when someone is around. She sometimes plays with a tennis ball but doesn’t overly look for a toy to play with, she would much rather go for a walk or even better, she loves to run in a fenced in area such as a dog park, she cannot be let offleash in open areas. She very much enjoys the water and often wants to be in it if she’s close enough. She’s very smart and takes everything in around her and she understands basic commands. She’s a very outside type of dog – in the summer she would rather be outside on the grass rolling around than wanting to come inside. She would make a good companion to someone who likes hiking and being outdoors. She keeps to herself most times but she always happy to receive affection from anyone who will give it to her.

Shasta: Siberian Husky (F) 6 years – ADOPTED


Name: Shasta
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Female (intact)
Age: 6 years
Cats: No
Dogs: Selective
Kids: Yes

Shasta is a great dog, she really is. She is a great listener and knows basic commands and loves to play fetch and go for walks.

Shasta LOVES winter time – it’s her favourite season, she loves to play in the snow and toss it around with her nose.  She is a runner and will bolt so cannot be let off leash, unless in a well fenced-in area and she will a dig a hole or two so will need to be supervised in the yard which will need to be fully fenced, preferably 6 feet minimum.

Shasta has always been around children and always gets along well – she enjoys gentle pets on her head and she gives ‘paw’.  She knows ‘sit, ‘shake paw’, ‘no’ and ‘come’. Shasta also enjoys treats whether it’s bones or meat of some sort.

She usually is a good walker but she can be a puller and take you for a walk instead so needs to be reminded of leash manners.  She would be a great companion for someone looking for love as she is very affectionate.  She has always been the only pet and she has been known to get along with certain dogs but not others, so would likely be best suited as the only dog in a home, or perhaps another dog with a calm personality, she would have to meet them first.  No cats or small animals to be around Shasta due to her breed’s strong prey drive.

Shasta is crate trained but no longer uses a crate, she is currently fed twice a day and has no allergies, medications or medical conditions.  Shasta enjoys the radio for noise when alone and she is used to a night light in the dark while sleeping.  She will need her vaccinations updating and will either be spayed prior to adoption or adopted on a strict spay/non-breeding contract.

Kiba: Siberian Husky (M) 6 years – ADOPTED


Name: Kiba
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Male (neutered)
Age: 6 years
Cats: No
Dogs: Not good with other dogs
Kids: Good


Kiba is not adjusting well to the smaller space of moving to a condo and misses having a backyard to run and play during the day so needs to find a new home with more outdoor space and/or outdoor lifestyle.

Kiba lived with 2 cats and a boxer for a couple years when he was a puppy. However he has been an only dog for 2 years and he has become used to being on his own and not having to share attention. He would do better with a family that has no other pets.

Kiba is not crate trained.  He knows basic commands and is generally well-behaved but would benefit from some one-to-one training which would also help with bonding with his new owners.

Kiba has no medical conditions and is not on any medications.  He is up to date on vaccinations, as well as flea/tick/heartworm prevention and has full medical history.

He is currently fed 3 times a day on Acana.

Caesar: Husky mix (M) 1 year – ADOPTED


Name: Caesar
Breed: Husky mix
Gender: Male (neutered)
Age: 1 year
Cats: No/Not tested
Dogs: Very good
Kids: Not tested

Caesar is a 11 month old Husky/Lab mix looking for a good home. He is  a playfully energetic puppy who lives to be outside and take long walks. His personality is loving and playful but still needs some work, mostly with giving up toys and other things he has in his mouth, but will do anything for a treat!

He becomes excited when meeting other dogs and new people, but is fantastic with both (never had problems all sizes of dogs). He is a little nervous in the car, like most dogs calm at high speeds but mostly because he has rarely travelled.

Caesar is house trained, quite comfortable in the house and understands some basic commands Come/Sit/Stay (had some training but needs work). His favourite thing is playing with his toys in the yard – a large fenced yard is recommended.  He has never been taken off the leash outside of a fenced area and therefore he CANNOT go off leash. He pulls on the leash during walks but has had training and is progressing so leash work would need to be kept up.

He has not been crate trained and is comfortable in the house but like most puppies will have interest in everything. He is currently on dry food and is not picky with what he eats. Loves chicken and beef!

He was recently adopted so all vaccines are up to date. Also has no known allergies. He has never been tested around cats or children, so no homes with cats/small children but families with older, dog-experienced children would be considered.

Vanna (F) 7 years & Vincent (M) 8 years: Siberian Huskies – BONDED PAIR – ADOPTED


Name: Vanna (lighter grey) & Vincent (darker grey) – BONDED PAIR
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Female (intact) & Male (neutered)
Age: 7 years & 8 Years
Cats: No/Not known
Dogs: Good
Kids: Good

Vanna (7 years) and Vincent (8 years) have been with the same owner for their entire lives thus far. They still are excited when we arrive home and enjoy going for walks.

When you first attempt to take them for walks they are excited and then they calm down once they have been out. This is mainly because they are inside by themselves all day from 7am to 5.45pm and only taken for three short (approximately 6 minutes at a time) pee breaks a day (morning around 6.30am, afternoon around 5.45pm and evening around 9.30pm). They are brushed as much as possible and do shed, as all huskies do.

Both dogs are good with other dogs including small dogs. Vincent can be high energy initially with dogs but only because he wants to play. They are good with kids (they currently live with two small children), and as with any dog we just tell the kids not to get in their faces. They are good with other people however, Vanna will chew paper if left alone too long. They don’t bark or wine and barely talk but Vincent whines occasionally when he sees other dogs on TV.

Huskies are not always good with commands but they are good with the basic commands – they will sit, stay, lay down etc. They are good on a leash but you just have to ensure you hold the leash tight. If they get off the leash they will run and they have no recall – ‘come here’ will NOT work. They are crate trained but they do not currently use it as theirs is now too small. They will sleep on the floor usually right beside each other.  They are OK in the car but they to get extremely excited.

Both dogs eat twice a day – one cup of kibble each in the morning around 6.45am and one cup each around 5.45 pm. They have water access all day. They are not picky eaters but Vincent is only able to eat high fibre foods due to a stomach virus he got when he was a puppy so should stick to the Beneful beef they are currently fed which seems to work for him. They do not have any guarding issues with eating and they do receive milk bones or greenies once and a awhile.

Vaccines and rabies are not up to date so they will need updating. The dogs are not getting enough time or exercise for their needs. Vincent is neutered however Vanna is still intact and will be rehomed on a strict non-breeding/spay contract. They are to be rehomed as a BONDED PAIR but consideration may be given to splitting them up for the right homes.

Jeanette: Husky mix (F) 3 years – ADOPTED


Name: Jeanette
Breed: Husky mix
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Age: 3 years
Cats: OK
Dogs: Good with male can be aggressive with females, she’s an alpha
Kids: Excellent with older children


Jeannette loves attention, she will snuggle up to you. She is high energy, loves to be outside and absolutely loves walks and running. She is excited to meet other dogs and wants to play but because she is excitable, it can irritate older dogs.

Jeanette is spayed and shots are up to date, however we do not have vet records. She was abused in the past and may lose her bladder if yelled at or is fearful.

She obeys sit, lay down, will give paw but does not come when called outside, she has a strong prey drive and runs like the dickens if let loose – a fenced yard is essential. She’s a puller on the leash but we’re working on that. She is crate trained, and will go in if told to. She loves car rides but will stick her whole head and shoulders out the window so needs to be restrained. She loves to sleep with you on the bed (if you let her) but will sleep on the couch if allowed. Jeanette will respond to French commands.

She does have some minor food issues, she lays down with paws to the sides of the bowl to eat when other dogs are around to protect it but does not show any aggression. She is not picky with food and is extremely gentle when given treats.