Lexi: Siberian Husky (F) 6½ years – LFO SERVICE

Name: Lexi
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Female (spayed)
Age: 6½ years (DOB 12th Jan 2013)
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes – larger breeds
Kids: No


Lexi is highly energetic, alert, responds to all sounds and smells and is very attuned to her surroundings. She is very playful with her owners, their family and friends, enjoys long walks (leashed), enjoys chasing any object (balls, toys, sticks) and returns them to the person throwing the object. As long as Lexi has exposure to regular fresh air and twice daily activity/walks, she is content to relax with her owners. Lexi succeeds with regular routine, outdoor physical exercise and the presence of a strong male figure (she is accustomed to and best responds to a strong male owner). Lexi is generally a quiet dog – she does not bark or whine unnecessarily. She is quiet unless troubled/upset at which time she will express herself audibly to get attention.

Lexi has never lived with another dog. She is very playful with another Siberian Husky (male) who lives in our neighbourhood. Lexi appears to prefer large dogs rather than small or medium dogs. She either ignores other dogs or responds if the other dog repeatedly barks at her. Generally, Lexi approaches other dogs with curiosity, unless the other dog is on the offensive at which point, she may bark back.

Lexi has never lived with small or young children. She does not seem to care for small or medium sized children and, consequently, we avoid these interactions because she is not acclimatized to how children play. She is happy to play with adults. With family and friends Lexi behaves well and she will sit with the group quietly. Lexi does not exhibit any behaviour problems with people that she knows; however, Lexi can become protective of her home, food/treats and family if approached by strangers unexpectedly. Lexi does not care for strangers or small children who unexpectedly enter the scene. On those occasions, Lexi tends to bark and jump and may exhibit anger if troubled. Due to her strong reactions/protectiveness with strangers, Lexi wears a muzzle for public walks and must be supervised and leashed at all times when outside of the home.

Lexi has basic training and attended puppy classes. She is not crate trained. She enjoys car rides and is well behaved in a vehicle. She is easy to brush and bathe. Lexi is in ideal health and up to date with all vaccinations. She is spayed and microchipped.

We love Lexi very much and believe that it is in her best interests to be placed with someone who has the time, outdoor space and energy to incorporate her into their lives. Sadly, our lives have been touched with serious health crisis making it no longer possible for us to care for Lexi.

  • Located in Brampton, ON – $300 adoption fee
  • With owner, needs adopter
  • Looking for a home since August 2019

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