Loki: Siberian Husky/Lab (M) 9 years – ADOPTED


Name: Loki
Breed: Siberian Husky/Lab mix
Gender: Male (Neutered)
Age: 9 years (DOB: 22nd September 2010)
Cats: Maybe – Has lived with a cat before but would need supervision around new cats
Dogs: Very good
Kids: Very good


This is Loki. He’s incredibly gentle, great with kids and other dogs, and a fantastic running partner. He’s up to date on Rabies, DAPPv, Leptospirosis, is treated yearly for ticks, and has yearly heartworm, tick, and Lyme screening.

He walks well beside you, and does not pull on the leash, and he has a good recall when off leash (although it can falter at times if there’s a lot of stimulation…SQUIRREL!). He absolutely loves trail running, and has been conditioned for long distance running, although I can tell he’s been slowing down a bit this past year. He’s been surrounded by children since he was brought home as a puppy, and loves to cuddle up with them on the floor. He’s very submissive with other dogs. He has lived with a cat before who had issues with him, but he was fine with the cat. No other cat exposure so this would have to be monitored/supervised.

His feeding is pretty unstructured. His bowl is filled when it’s empty, and he eats as he likes. He usually eats more during the winter months, and less in the summer. He’s not overly picky on what he eats, and will go counter surfing if you leave him alone around food. He does eat on a set schedule if he’s around other dogs, but that may result in him not eating for a day or so, but he eventually makes up for it.

When I’m with him, he’s the best dog I could ask for! His living situation changed a few years ago. He used to have someone who worked from home, with children most days, so was never left alone for prolonged periods of time. He always had social interactions. Unfortunately he’s now left alone for large parts of the day, and he hasn’t adapted well. He suffers from some mild separation anxiety. The worst of his issues occur doing during bad weather (thunder), or fireworks, when he’s alone. He can become destructive (destroying his bed, tipping over food dishes, etc), and while he’s house trained all other times, he will often relieve himself if alone during the weather.  He was crate trained as a puppy, but recent attempt to re-crate him have only increased his anxiety.

I can’t give him the attention he needs by myself anymore, and he’s suffering for it. He would thrive so much more in a more social environment. Someone who works from home, or even someone with other dogs. I know he’ll be happier with someone who has more flexibility to give him the attention he needs. It’s been such a difficult time making this decision, but I’m hoping it works out best for him in the end.