Cinnamon: Husky (F) 3½ years – LFO SERVICE

Name: Cinnamon
Breed: Husky
Gender: Female (spayed)
Age: 3½ years
Cats: NO
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes – older


Cinnamon is a very friendly dog, very curious, and high energy.  She loves going for walks, but has the typical husky traits of digging or getting into things she is not supposed to when bored.  She is very friendly with people, but is a bit of a jumper, likes to jump up on people to give them kisses when they may not want them so she will need some more training to stop this.

Cinnamon is usually very social with other dogs, but she can be a bit aggressive with dogs she thinks she can dominate, but is submissive to ones she knows she can’t dominate.  She’s been taken to a lot of dog parks around her area and she has always done well and has enjoyed playing with other dogs.  She loves treats, and can follow commands like ‘sit’ or ‘lay down’, but will also steal food or get into the garbage if not watched.  She is usually good with kids but if she is tired she may be a bit grumpy with but has not had any incidents.  She has a previous injury on her pelvis and can be overprotective of it so she would be best with older children who know how to give her some space when needed.  She does live with children in her current home.

Cinnamon has a very strong prey drive so no homes with cats or small animals.

She is good walking on a leash, she starts off excited but quickly calms down and enjoys the walk.  She is good in cars, although has trouble sitting still, but she does enjoy rides.  She is very good with strangers, sometimes a bit too friendly, as she will rush up to a new person to meet them even when they may not be comfortable with dogs, but she is always friendly with them.  She can be picky when eating and does have some issues with resource guarding if she thinks she is the dominant dog.  She has not been crate trained and her husky escape skills are very high when it comes to getting out of the yard so a well-fenced yard is essential.

She usually sleeps in the bedroom at night on her sleeping mat, but is also allowed to sleep on the couch, which she usually goes back and forth to.  She eats twice a day, a cup of dry food in the morning and again around 5, with various treats in between.

Cinnamon is spayed and her vaccines are up to date, with her next round of shots being due in July 2019.  She has had tick treatment in April but will need the follow-up treatment also in July.

  • Located in Alexandria, ON – $400 adoption fee
  • With owner, needs foster or adopter
  • Looking for a home since May 2019

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