Leia: Husky (F) 7 years – ADOPTED


Name: Leia
Breed: Husky/Northern Inuit
Gender: Female (Spayed)
Age: 7 years
Cats: NO
Dogs: Yes but prefers males
Kids: Yes

Leia has a great personality when people are around her, she’s super quiet and calm all the time when she has company. She just can’t handle being alone without having a meltdown – she will pant and lick at her paws excessively until they are sore and will try and break out of her containment.  Because of her severe separation anxiety, she needs to be with someone who is at home all day or works from home or can take her to work.  She would definitely be better in a home with another dog/s.  She gets on with all dogs she meets and is very playful with everyone but will back off if a dog is not interested.

She can be quite vocal – she howls and sings when she’s happy to see you or when she knows she is going for a walk, she sometimes gets up on her hind legs to give hugs.

Due to her prey drive, she tends to chase cats and small animals so a home with no cats is necessary. She has no issues with children and she has been around kids from ages 5 to 9 years. She sleeps wherever she likes, which is on the floor and that’s her choice. She’s loves receiving affection and will stay on her back while your rub her belly indefinitely if you have that kind of stamina! In all honesty, the only bad thing about her is her inability to be alone and her destructive nature when she is, she will need someone to gradually teach her to use a crate and she is OK for short periods (such as eating, treats, etc).  She would be happier being left to roam with another male dog as company or even in a secure outside dog run as she loves being outdoors.  She has shown signs of resource guarding around other dogs – but not humans – so this will need to be watched for and to remove toys etc to no guarding takes place/

For Leia’s day to day she’s very calm when someone is around. She sometimes plays with a tennis ball but doesn’t overly look for a toy to play with, she would much rather go for a walk or even better, she loves to run in a fenced in area such as a dog park, she cannot be let offleash in open areas. She very much enjoys the water and often wants to be in it if she’s close enough. She’s very smart and takes everything in around her and she understands basic commands. She’s a very outside type of dog – in the summer she would rather be outside on the grass rolling around than wanting to come inside. She would make a good companion to someone who likes hiking and being outdoors. She keeps to herself most times but she always happy to receive affection from anyone who will give it to her.