Harlee (formerly Harley)


I have to tell you that Harlee has made such progress, and yet her quirks are still there too. We spent the summer going on three different pack walks with a local trainer Karen Laws.  We signed up for the month of June, July, and August every Saturday morning. This was great for socialization and building her confidence. She still is very tenuous in new situations and sometimes goes into complete meltdown, this consists of shaking, tail between her legs, and sometimes refusing to come out of the car, but really it’s so much better, and we just try to be calm and show her we are here to lead her and keep her safe.

She has such a kind, gentle, nature, that elicits such tenderness in us and strangers too. When we are Canadian Tire or other stores with her and she is showing her timid side, people just crouch down and want to make her feel safe 🙂

We have not left her alone yet, as the few times we attempted to leave her in her crate she was just too stressed.  We take her to an open concept daycare in Peterborough once or twice a week for 4 hours, she manages that well, and it is good for her socialization and confidence building.  And if we have to go to Toronto we have found a dog sitter in Bowmanville (on the way) who loves her, and she manages well in his home.

Last, but not least, on our pack walks we met a woman who has a male husky 3 years old – she too wanted more socialization for Damon, she comes over once or twice a week for an hour.  Damon and Harlee run and play hard as we stand on our porch sipping tea, watching our beautiful huskies being free spirits, they really play well together.

So there you have it, we just love her, are thrilled with her progress, but know she still has a long way to go before she is a fully confident dog.  In fact, tomorrow is 8 months since March 6th when we drove to Orillia to collect her.