Mio: Husky (M) 1½ years – COURTESY LISTING

Name: Mio
Breed: Husky
Gender: Male (Neutered)
Age: 1½ years
Cats: No
Dogs: Good
Kids: Good – however older preferred due to medical condition


Mio is basically a playful, outgoing dog who makes everyone grow fond of him and loves seeking attention. He has the habit of standing up and licking you when he gets happy.  He may try to seek attention when he’s left but this does not last very long. He likes long walks but with his current condition it is best not to unduly over-excite and tire him out. Like most dogs of his age, once he’s on a long walk he will sniff like crazy and try to explore anything that he may fancy.

On 10th October 2018, Mio had a series of seizure episodes precipitated by vomiting only, with no bowel habit changes, that were eventually stabilized for 48 hours; there were no more subsequent seizures according to the vet staff who were monitoring him, and no change in bowel habits. He was on Phenobarbital 1 tablet every 12 hours continuously and was being given an ointment applied twice a day for his ear wound brought about by his scratching of the area. Other than the first day post discharge, where he was observed to have had a prodrome or pre-seizure aura, he had some very infrequent focal seizures that abated after a few minutes, and after 2 days post discharge has not been observed so far. Currently he still takes the Phenobarbital, but the ear infection has been treated and cleared up  There have been no signs indicating a seizure or even a prodrome observed since day 2 post discharge from the vet (over 3 weeks ago).

Prior to his seizures, Mio would often chase and play with dogs of all kinds but lately he has been less interested to do so. Because of his condition, he will need to be watched around other dogs, especially ones who are overly excitable which may trigger a reaction. Mio is used to being in a crate but will ask when he needs to come out for a call of nature. He knows basic commands like sit, kiss, paw to name a few. He has no experience with cats so they are not recommended. He is generally playful with children but could cause small children to be knocked over and in the event another seizure may occur, it can be traumatizing for younger children to witness, so older/teens would be more suitable. He can also get a little rough with playing, although lately he is more into licking to show his playfulness. Digging is one of the things that he does whenever he is let to roam around the backyard so he will need to be supervised for him to have his exercise and toilet breaks.

  • Located in Winnipeg, MB – $250 adoption fee
  • With owner, needs adopter
  • Looking for a home since November 2018

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