Sky: Husky x Shepherd (M) 5 years – LFO SERVICE

Name: Sky
Breed: Husky x Shepherd
Gender: Male (Neutered)
Age: 5 years
Cats: No/Not tested
Dogs: Good but needs to be introduced slowly
Kids: Good – preferably older as could jump and knock over


Sky is super friendly, healthy with no medical conditions and full of energy. He is always ready to play and loves to go for long walks.

He likes to run, fetch and play. He is very vocal and communicates what he desires. Outside the house he is super friendly with all ages of people. Inside the house Sky can be a little uncertain with strangers and acts more protective like a guard dog. Sky needs a strong leader as he will persistently try to dominate, especially women. It is recommend that he has gradual introductions with people coming to the house. Once he knows the person he will be fine.

Sky is friendly with all sizes of dogs but often gets barked at by small dogs but just walks away, and never responds inappropriately.

Sky knows basic commands like sit, down, high 5, and always ready to learn new tricks with treats around. He can sometimes pull on the leash and needs to be reminded not to.  He is crate trained but generally doesn’t like to go in the crate. Also, it’s been a while since he’s been put in a crate so that may need some more work. He loves car rides and sleeps on his bed. He is not good on recall but will eventually follow you. It is better that he is not let off-leash unless at a dog park or fenced area, especially with getting used to new owners.

Sky has no allergies to any food. He does not guard his food, but can guard his toys, and steal other dog’s toys. Eats gently from hands and waits for command to eat. He eats once a day (currently on President’s choice Nutrition first-Salmon, Chicken or Lamb with Brown Rice, Beef and Oatmeal). He loves ‘Dentix’ chews.

He is fully up to date with his core vaccinations and rabies.

  • Located in Brampton, ON – $400 adoption fee to SHARP
  • With owner, needs adopter
  • Looking for a home since March 2019

To fill out an adoption application, please visit SHARP – Siberian Husky Assistance & Rescue Program’s website at