Caesar: Husky mix (M) 1 year – ADOPTED


Name: Caesar
Breed: Husky mix
Gender: Male (neutered)
Age: 1 year
Cats: No/Not tested
Dogs: Very good
Kids: Not tested

Caesar is a 11 month old Husky/Lab mix looking for a good home. He is  a playfully energetic puppy who lives to be outside and take long walks. His personality is loving and playful but still needs some work, mostly with giving up toys and other things he has in his mouth, but will do anything for a treat!

He becomes excited when meeting other dogs and new people, but is fantastic with both (never had problems all sizes of dogs). He is a little nervous in the car, like most dogs calm at high speeds but mostly because he has rarely travelled.

Caesar is house trained, quite comfortable in the house and understands some basic commands Come/Sit/Stay (had some training but needs work). His favourite thing is playing with his toys in the yard – a large fenced yard is recommended.  He has never been taken off the leash outside of a fenced area and therefore he CANNOT go off leash. He pulls on the leash during walks but has had training and is progressing so leash work would need to be kept up.

He has not been crate trained and is comfortable in the house but like most puppies will have interest in everything. He is currently on dry food and is not picky with what he eats. Loves chicken and beef!

He was recently adopted so all vaccines are up to date. Also has no known allergies. He has never been tested around cats or children, so no homes with cats/small children but families with older, dog-experienced children would be considered.