Carl: Husky mix (M) 2 years (approx) – COURTESY LISTING

Name: Carl
Breed: Husky mix
Sex: Male (Neutered)
Age: 2 years (approx)
Cats: No/Not tested
Dogs: Good with other dog in home and if introduced slowly to others
Kids: No young children/older OK (due to fear issues)


Carl came to us from Fort McKay, Alberta. He was hit with a shovel and ended up with several facial fractures. He underwent surgery for these injuries and as a result had his left eye removed.

Carl is generally a lovable, playful pup who loves chasing and wrestling in the backyard, and going for long walks in the woods. He is content to sit outside in the yard and relax, but also likes coming in to be close to his people. He does not dig, jump, or chew. Carl has some complicated fear and trust issues. He does warm up to people if they let him come on his own terms, and if they bring him treats! He gets along famously with his canine sister, but has trouble meeting new dogs. However if he is able to meet them slowly, he is often ok with them.

Carl is very scared of loud noises and sudden movements from strangers. Because of his history, he is very scared of things like shovels, brooms, and sticks. Carl needs a new quiet and calm home where he won’t feel like he needs to bite to get out of a scary situation. He has nipped at and bitten on a couple occasions out of fear/stress, which is why he needs a new home away from the unpredictability of younger children and a loud house. He has been assessed by a trainer who feels that with the right person in the right home, he can be taught to manage his fear in a healthier way. Generally he chooses to find a safe spot in the house and come out again when he feels ready.

Carl can follow basic commands. He is fully crate trained, and likes to sleep in his crate both at night and while we are away in the day. We are working on getting him more comfortable with wearing a muzzle. He walks well with a chest harness and head halter. He is not an off leash dog as his fear issues can cause him to run and hide. He does great on long car rides. He eats one meal a day, in two portions in the evening out of a slow feeder bowl. He is not a picky eater and is food motivated. He does guard his food if he is not comfortable with whoever is around.

He is up to date with his vaccines, is microchipped, and has no other health concerns that we are aware of.

  • Located in Fort McMurray, Alberta – $400 adoption fee to SHARP
  • With owner, needs adopter
  • Looking for a home since August 2018

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