Serena (F) 2 years & Kane (M) 1½ years: Siberian Huskies – BONDED PAIR – ADOPTED


Name: Serena and Kane – BONDED PAIR
Breed: Siberian Huskies
Sex: Female (spayed) and male (intact)
Age: 2 years & 1½ years
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes, large and small
Kids: Yes


Kane (1½ years, blue eyes) is really friendly, loves everyone, even strangers.  He gets excited on meeting people and doesn’t understand personal space but will settle once he’s received attention, he’s super affectionate. Bit of a goofball, him and Serena will play wrestle for about 20 minutes then settle down and lay at your feet together for a couple hours so the high energy comes in spurts.

Kane does well crated – both him and Serena will go willingly with a treat. Sometimes they will share the same crate as they are closely bonded.  Kane does need crating if being left in the house. He can, at times, get destructive with small things he finds or couch cushions if you leave him loose.  He’s trained to ask at the door when he needs to go to the toilet and he likes car rides. He does pull when you walk him and has a mind of his own, he’s stubborn so will need some extra leash training.  The garbage needs a good lid and toys/shoes need to be put away in case he thinks they are dog toys.

Serena (2 years, brown eyes) is much calmer now so she doesn’t always want to play when Kane does.  She can be left uncrated but sometimes they prefer to go in together.  She’s pretty calm when indoors. At most she’ll wrestle with Kane for about 20 minutes or so then she’ll chill out on the floor near you.  She does very well in crates but only when he’s with her as she cries to get out on her own.  She is more trustworthy to be left loose in the house, however she CANNOT be left alone outside as she is an escape artist and digs out or jumps fences and she is very fast once she finds a breach.  She will need a high fenced in escape-proof yard.

Both dogs can be left for around 3-4 hours a day but Serena will need to be watched for separation anxiety which she had when she was younger and was very destructive.  She does know how to open doors so they need to be locked and baby gates won’t work.  However, she is super cuddly, loving and very sweet once she knows you but timid around strangers.  This can sometimes be an issue out on a walk, she gets scared and will pull to go back home but she loves dog parks. Unlike Kane she has anxiety with people she doesn’t know.  Kane is very social compared to her.

Because of her anxiety with strangers and how close she is to Kane is why they need to go to a home together.  He’s so social and he’d be fine with anyone that was good to him but Serena would not do well without him.

Both are up to date on shots and healthy with full vet history.  Kane does have an undescended testicle so will need neutering to avoid future health issues related to cryptorchidism.