Yuko: Husky/Jindo mix (F) 3 years – ADOPTED


Name: Yuko
Breed: Husky/Jindo mix
Gender: Female (spayed)
Age: 3 years
Cats: No
Dogs: OK – can get along with some large male dogs but does not seem to like females much
Kids: OK – but older/teens


Yuko is a lovely and very kind dog that loves to cuddle beside you and by your feet.

She is very intelligent and listens to basic commands but can be stubborn sometimes. She does well on walks but cannot be off leash. She can play with other dogs under supervision, preferably large dogs, but unfortunately cannot live with another pet due to her Alpha personality.

She has very high stamina and loves to run. She will be great for owners that live an active lifestyle and do not spend too long hours away from home. Yuko has a tendency to jump at people from excitement but always calms down after you pet her and give her all of your attention.

She would NOT do well in an apartment due to her separation anxiety. If she is in a small room or space for long hours, she may scratch at the door or cry for long periods. She is crate trained but her anxiety can make her stressed inside the crate, causing her to scratch at it, if she’s in it for many hours alone at home. A house with a large fenced-in yard is ideal for her. Yuko has a history of jumping over small fences and running off from home.

She loves car rides. Yuko likes to sleep on floors and couches most of the time, instead of on her bed. Yuko can go to her bed on command too. She loves eating bananas and is a free eater, and has a habit of eating right after she goes potty. Yuko dislikes baths, going to the vet and getting her nails trimmed. She can get very stressed out from them and can be hard to handle.

She is up-to-date on her vaccines.