Aki: Siberian Husky (M) 5 months – ADOPTED


Name: Aki
Breed: Husky mix
Gender: Male (intact)
Age: 5 months
Cats: No
Dogs: OK – larger breed
Kids: 10+


Aki is the usual high energy, male, 5 month old Husky puppy. He loves playing around and play biting but when you say “ow” he will stop and start running around, he is very energetic and will require walks for at least an hour everyday. Work will need to be done on the mouthing habit.

A secured fenced garden would also be desirable.

Aki is still learning commands – he obeys when he’s calmed down but when he’s energetic he doesn’t tend to hear unless you speak loud and firm.  He will certainly require further training and social manners.  He’s pretty good on a leash, if he pulls you can correct him by pulling in a different direction and he follows with no problem. Again, this is something that will require continued work.  He is pretty good with potty, he will usually bark or whine until he’s able to go outside but accidents do still happen and with time and training this will also work out. He is good with car rides. He can sleep pretty much anywhere.

Aki can be a little protective of food and will bark or grunt if you try touch his food but he can be touched whilst eating it.  Again, this can be fixed with training whilst still young.  He is up to date with core vaccines and rabies.  Aki will be adopted on a neutering contract for when he reaches the appropriate age.  Aki would be best suited with an experienced owner who can work to correct some of his behaviour with consistent training.