Elvis: Husky (M) 10 years – ADOPTED


Name: Elvis
Breed: Husky mix
Gender: Male (neutered)
Age: 10 years approx
Cats: Yes – currently lives with 2 cats
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes


Elvis is a very happy go lucky dog who loves to go on walks and to dog parks. He’s very friendly and likes to sing (just like his namesake!). Being a senior, his energy level is around a medium until he gets excited which causes him to sneeze a lot – usually when getting the harness on him and when he meets new people.

Elvis is up to date on all shots. He was abused before we adopted him in January 2013. Our vet did Xrays and found he had his pelvic broken when younger and had items shoved up his nose, hence why he sneezes a lot. Surgery was not advised at his age to correct the sneezing.

He is a very happy and loving dog but only kisses people he feels safe with. He hates being in a crate (tried it and he shreds his bed and howls) he likes to lounge on the sofa. He enjoys long walks and being outside when it’s cooler. He LOVES the snow and is like a puppy playing in it. He gets along with dogs, cats and kids. The only time he was ever possessive was when a dog at a dog park attacked me, he came and shoved him away, growled and then stood in front of me. He is very good with commands but does like to eat books so best they are kept out of his reach!

No allergies that we know of but he’s currently fed Kirkland chicken kibble as lamb makes him sick. We don’t give him people food and he’s a bit guarding about his dog treats or bones.

Elvis will need a fenced yard and needs to wear a walking harness as he has issues from age and abuse – so no walking by neck/choke collars or using shock collars due to previous damage to his throat. Not sure who abused him but our vet said he had fractures that had healed and we would hate to see him hurt ever again. He is a great loving pet but due to moving for health reasons our new place will not allow large dogs.