Oakley: Siberian Husky (M) 7 years – COURTESY LISTING

Name: Oakley
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Male (neutered)
Age: 7 years (May 2018)
Cats: No
Dogs: No
Kids: No


Oakley is a very low key, low energy dog, he’s rather sleepy when inside but becomes a puppy when outside and can go-go-go!  He’s very well behaved and doesn’t bark, only the odd moan or grunt when happy.  However Oakley is not good with kids as he gets anxiety which causes him to be snappy/nippy.  He’s also not good with other dogs after being attacked by a group of German Shepherds.

Oakley has originally come from an abused home and you must gain his trust gradually, preferably with a female first, then introducing a male which may take longer. We were bonded within 3 months and he’s very protective, especially around strange men. He will bite, snap or growl if approached by a stranger. I used food to gain his trust and make friends. He needs a quiet and calm home environment without lots of loud excitement around him.  He’s happiest when outdoors and sucking and kneading on his blankets. He likes big sticks, balls and running beside you jogging on a leash. He doesn’t like stairs or slippery floors and prefers to walk on carpeted areas.  The reason for rehoming him is that he’s fallen down the stairs twice so a place where he can live without needing to use stairs would be more suited.

Oakley is excellent with all commands and walking on a leash – he doesn’t pull.  He’s bilingual (French), lays down in a car for ride and he’s never put him in a crate because he doesn’t get into anything or cause any trouble! He likes to sleep on carpet, with a pillow and his blankets in a corner.

When he was adopted he was tested and treated for Lyme disease. It is not known how long he’s had it for. All vaccines are up to date with one due in September 2018 and another in 2019.

He’s currently fed a bowl of kibble (Alpo) in the morning and at dinner time.  He loves all treats – dental treats, bones and especially hot dogs which are a good training tool but he does need treats restricting due to his size!

  • Located in Apsley, ON – $400 adoption fee
  • With owner – needs adopter
  • Looking for a home since April 2018

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