Bane: Husky mix (M) 5 years – COURTESY LISTING – ADOPTED


Name: Bane
Breed: Husky mix
Gender: Male (neutered)
Age: 5 years (DOB June 28, 2012)
Cats: No/not tested
Dogs: Good – but see description
Kids: Older 10+


Bane has always been a family dog. He has been with our family since he was 7 weeks old. He has lived with 2 kids (age 11 and 2) but has had alot of trouble adjusting to the younger child – he doesn’t like to be mauled, bugged and chased around and wants to flee.

He has been in training, is very friendly, loves to play and well socialised with humans and other dogs.

He is used to having free run around the home. Bane loves going to dog parks, beaches, conservation areas etc and is great walking on a leash. He listens very well, is laid back and well behaved. He is a Husky and plays like one, he loves finding other Husky friends.

Bane has never had any aggression issues toward other dogs but unfortunately was recently attacked while at a doggy daycare pretty badly. He ended up with stitches and a rather large vet bill (the other dog was new and attacked Bane, when Bane went to submit on his back and the other dog grabbed and ripped open his chest. He is now fully recovered but since then I’ve noticed he has been a little more timid than usual around new dogs.

Bane used to be on a raw diet but we switched him a few years back to Instinct. He is known to be picky with kibble but has been doing very well with this food. He is a big suck, loves attention and freedom – exercise and being outdoors is a HUGE deal for him. If he doesn’t get out he gets very depressed.

He has no allergies or medical issues other then a very stubborn reoccurring ear infection in his left ear that has come and gone for over a year now. He is up to date on his shots and check ups.

He is used to going for a walk or to the park 1-2 times a day and loves free roam outdoors so a big fenced in backyard with full access is very important (he loves to lay and sleep in the backyard). He is a big boy 80+ lbs so needs lots of space.