Loki: Siberian Husky (M) 6 years – ADOPTED


Name: Loki
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Male (intact)
Age: 6 years
Cats: OK – but with supervision
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Older due to jumping up/excitement


Loki is a chocolate Siberian Husky. He’s male, not neutered and 6 years old, birthday is March 13th 2012. He’s had no issues with cats dogs or humans and has interacted with all on several occasions.

He loves to go on walks and that’s what gives him the most joy, while at home he will lay around the house and not do much. It’s been 2 years since his last vet visit , but is perfectly healthy and has continued to receive treatment with revolution to prevent ticks and heart worm.

He’s a very friendly dog, is very excitable with guests that arrive, but will calm down shortly after. He knows not to jump on people, but some people encourage it so he will. Like his name he can be a bit mischievous when left alone for extended periods of time and will try to escape outdoors if he knows you’re not home – however, if he does get out he tends to stick around the house (so far). He has previously marked furniture while left alone at home, but never does it while anyone is there, although its been over a year and a half since he’s done something like that.

He doesn’t have any issues with other animals and the best place for him is maybe with another dog to hang out with. He’s good with car rides, hates crates and being closed in small places. Currently he has a couple beds, upstairs and in the basement. He’ll spend the night in the basement and most of the day upstairs. He knows basic commands such as sit stay come and down. He tends to pull a bit while walking on the leash and has to be reminded not to at the start, although if he sees another animal he’ll do his best to get to them to play.

Feeding is usually once at night although we tend to leave food in his bowl because he doesn’t guard it or mind it, even if another dog goes to eat it. He doesn’t like to eat much except for meat, chicken, fish, cheese mixed in with his dry food (currently Science Diet). If you drop something on the floor and are hoping he’ll clean it up you’re out of luck because he’ll leave it there, sometimes even it’s something he would normally eat in his bowl!

We would like an appropriate donation be made to SHARP on behalf of setting up the adoption and just really want him to go to a great home.