Neeko: Alaskan Husky (M) 6½ years – COURTESY LISTING

Name: Neeko
Breed: Alaskan Husky
Gender: Male
Age: 6½ years
Cats: OK, under supervision
Dogs: No
Kids: No


His name is Neeko he is a male Alaskan husky, he’s 6 years old turning 7 in August.

He is ok with all the cats he has been around but has some issues with other dogs – he is a nervous dog and doesn’t like to be approached by other dogs at certain times and reacts out of fear, but has also got along with many as well. Because of this, he is better off in a single dog home.

He is not good with kids, very nervous around them and has nipped at my son – which is why I am needing to rehome him.

He is a fun loving dog loves hikes and walks. He is super intelligent can sit, lay down, shake both paws, high ten, play dead if pretend shot at, says hello and loves to play hide and seek. He is affectionate with me but not with strangers, as he is wary around them at first (again with the nervousness), but can come around.

His vaccines aren’t up to date, he needs rabies vaccine. He needs to be slowly introduced to other dogs and people. He is leash trained and loves to go on nature hikes. He is protective of his belongings – toys, sticks, food etc so will need someone who can deal with resource guarding.

  • Located in Creston, BC – $100 minimum donation fee
  • Needs experienced adopter
  • Looking for a home since April 2018

Contact owner direct: Alicia Faynor
Tel: 1-250-254-8523