Bella: Siberian Husky (F) & Max: Siberian Husky (M) both 10 years – ADOPTED


Name: Bella – ADOPTED
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Female (spayed)
Age: 10 years
Cats: Yes
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes

Bella is a 10 year old female (spayed) Siberian Husky, 50lbs and up to day on all vaccines.

She is very friendly, people oriented dog, eager to play or to be petted.  Bella has basic obedience, is house trained and has no bad habits.  She has a moderate energy level and seems about half of her age and is in excellent health.

Bella requires a fenced yard.  She can be bossy when meeting and playing with other dogs, but not in aggressive way, just has a more dominant personality.  This is exhibited more with other females than males.

Name: Max – ADOPTED
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Male (neutered)
Age: 10 years approx
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes

Max is a 10 year old, 80lb beautiful, friendly (neutered) boy, the strong, silent type.  He is up to date on all vaccines, has basic obedience, house trained, with no bad habits. He has a moderate energy level and is in excellent health.

He does need dental work done, but plans are being made on getting that done this week or next.  Max also requires a fenced yard.  He’d be a lovely walking/hiking companion.

Bella and Max are both really lovely dogs and have been together for two years, and ideally, would be great for them to be adopted together.  However, they are not a “bonded” pair, so it would be possible to split them to find a family situation for each of them so that they are not stuck in a kennel situation indefinitely.