Harley: Husky/Malamute (F) 10 months – ADOPTED


Name: Harley
Breed: Husky/Malamute
Gender: Female
Age: 10 months
Cats: OK
Dogs: Good
Kids: Not tested

*Courtesy Listing*

We want to introduce you to Harley, this lovely, husky/malamute puppy. At this point she doesn’t respond by name, although in a very short time, she has come at the sound of our voices. She is house broken and very gentle. Harley is an intelligent, alert, calm, loving and responsive dog. We are told that she was abused as a young puppy, although the abuse was not specified. We tend to think that she was neglected, with little attention given to her needs. She has spent all of these months dwelling in an apartment, with another dog and a cat.

It is no surprise that Harley, along with being highly alert, has lots of energy and is keen to be outside, although she is quite content indoors as well.

She is a very loving puppy, who responds to kindness and attention. She seems fearful of new situations and sometimes meeting new people.  When we first took her in the car, she was very upset and we had to lift her in. After a few stops, she willingly jumped in by herself. In a familiar environment, she quickly warms to strangers. On walks, she may shy away from people we meet.

Harley is essentially an untrained puppy except for toileting and here she has been excellent.  She doesn’t know commands, although we think she will be quick to

learn away from immediate distractions and when she is comfortable. She follows easily on a lead, but will pull away to go home if she is upset. We have a crate for her, but at some point she was left inside for a long period of time and is now extremely reluctant to go into the crate.  We haven’t checked her reaction since she came to us. We have a second dog bed, where Harley lies down during the day and upon which she sleeps all night without interruption.

Harley wasn’t used to a regular regime of feeding and we are attempting to determine the best diet for her as well as putting her on a twice daily regime. Her biological clock is already working as she looks for her food at the same time and devours all in true doggy fashion. She has no apparent allergies and enjoys her after dinner big bone treat.

We are looking for a home where this lovely puppy will be loved, nurtured and where the owners are prepared to devote time to training and play (she hasn’t had much play time}.There is no doubt she will return kindness and love big time. It would help if the home yard is fenced, so she is free to be outside on her own.  For sure, she would run if left in an unenclosed space.  We would love to keep her, but are unable to do so as we are seniors and already have a 12 year old dog.

We have acquired copies of her medical records and it would appear that all of her shots are up to date. We are assuming she has not been spayed.