Aurora: Husky mix (F) 2½ years – ADOPTED


Name: Aurora
Breed: Husky mix
Gender: Female (spayed)
Age: 2½ years
Cats: No
Dogs: No small dogs
Kids: Yes
Activity Level: Med/High
Size: 50lbs

*Courtesy Listing for Rescue*

It has been almost a year since Aurora came into Manitoba Great Pyrenees Rescue. And what a busy year it has been for her!! Aurora is a smart husky and has been learning a lot since living with her foster mom.

We currently have Aurora in a foster home. She is well cared for, socialized and even had some sessions with a behaviourist to address her shyness in regards to men. She enjoys being rewarded for her achievements with treats or playtime outside!

Aurora does well with most dogs her size and larger, with proper introduction. But she does love to have a well matched play mate. Aurora does have prey drive, so she cannot live with cats. She does well with children, has never had an issue in that regard. Although she has never been around very young babies/toddlers.

Aurora is affectionate and relaxed when her energy is drained by physical exercise and mental stimulation. She would enjoy living with an active family that wouldn’t leave her alone for long periods of time and hopefully an easy-going and  playful dog friend/sibling too!