I just wanted to give you an update on Roscoe. He is doing amazing! We are working on his manners (not jumping up on people, though he doesn’t jump on kids or elderly, just the young it seems!) and starting to work on training him to not rush through doors but to wait patiently until we call him. Its a slow process but we’re making progress, he knows sit and stay (He sits so prettily when we’re feeding him) he’s just stubborn, like me! We enjoy taking him on walks and trips to PetSmart for treats! he loves to fetch his balls and still has the bunny he brought from his foster home. Roscoe spends his time between sitting near/on one of us and looking out one of the windows. He is such a good boy!

We have had him in the room with our sugar gliders (they were in their cage of course) and he has learned to be calm in that room (again though some days its a work in progress and at no point will he ever be able to interact with them no matter how calm he is). He usually lays down by one of us while we use our computers and watches them. Roscoe also likes to lay down under the desks at our feet.

I couldn’t tell you the number of pictures we have of him! but I have included a picture of him in front of our Christmas Tree (he really wanted the treat in my hand!). We do plan on looking into some formal socialisation/training classes once spring hits.

He has recovered well from his neuter and his fur is growing back nicely.

Thank you for everything! We love him more then anything!