Ash: Husky (F) 1 year – COURTESY LISTING

Breed: Husky
Sex: Female (Spayed)
Age: 1 year
Cats: Maybe – but not recommended
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes – older

Ash is a 1 year old spayed Husky. Ash was raised in downtown Toronto in a condo. Her owner quickly realized he wasn’t able to get her the exercise she needed in the city, and she started showing signs of separation anxiety when her owner was out. Ash started going to doggy daycare during the day and had a great time with all her dog and human friends. She is a well socialized girl! Her owner started having to work longer hours and knew it would be best to find ash a home that was better suited for her.

On Remembrance Day 2017 Ash moved in with the “perfect” family. There were 2 retirees and their 12 yr old twin boys. The family absolutely loved her. Unfortunately for Ash, the family was also first time pet owners and didn’t really know what they were in for with such a smart, busy animal! Ash was getting into trouble when they would leave her for any amount of time. They tried crating her, but no such luck because Ash is also known as Houdini! They also tried leaving her in the heated garage, but she would get into anything left around. Eventually they started leaving her loose in the house with her bed at the front door. That worked best, but she ate a few brushes and a ginger bread house, and that seemed to be the last straw.

Ash is now in a house with 3 dogs, 4 cats, and 4 kids over the age of 11. She loves all the excitement! Ash is curious about the cats, but isn’t bothering them. She is a dominant female, which isn’t working out very well with the other dominant female in the house, but she would be perfect with another dog buddy that was a little more submissive. Ash is really quiet! My dogs bark at everything and she doesn’t make a peep! She also walks well on a leash because she always had to be on one in the city.

She is good here because someone is always home, but she has separation anxiety and definitely does not do well in a crate. I think she best suited for a family that will put her to work to keep her busy, but also she loves to snuggle in bed.

  • Ash is currently located in Acton, Ontario – $400 adoption fee
  • With owner – needs adopter
  • Looking for a home since January 2018

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