Abba: Husky mix (F) 3 months – ADOPTED


Name: Abba
Breed: Husky mix
Sex: Female (Intact)
Age: 3 months
Cats: Maybe – but not recommended
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes – older

I’m Abba! I am estimated at 3 months old and guessed to be a husky/malamute/shepherd/rottie mix. I am cute, smart, and amazing in every way. Only the best home will do for me!

I am crate trained and won’t make a peep, unless I need to potty. I sleep the whole night through in my crate without a fuss. I will pee right away as soon as I am taken outside but poop takes me a bit longer! I am working hard on house training, but still having a few accidents.

I am making great progress on my “back” command so I don’t turn into a door barger when I am bigger – just as long as my training is kept up! I am learning to sit before eating and how to share and play with other dogs. I am overly friendly, so will push other dogs around. Any existing dog in my new home MUST be tolerant and patient with puppies.

I am the perfect combination of fun and calm. I can entertain myself without getting into too much mischief, and take long naps when I am done. I am a lap dog, a couch dog, and a snow burrowing dog. I am good whilst grooming and for nail trims and even take my deworming medicine without a fuss. As a puppy, I do mouth and my puppy teeth can hurt! I also don’t want to be dropped, tugged, or otherwise hurt by a young child. I may be able to be trained to cohabit with cats, but there is never a guarantee in the long run.

Preference will be given to mature adult homes with an existing mature dog, fenced yard, raw feeding, trainers, individuals needing a service dog, those actively involved in obedience/training classes, those with time to spend playing, training, and socializing. Preferably a home with no younger kids or cats.

I have been examined by a vet, dewormed, and microchipped. I will be adopted on a non-breeding and spay contract to be completed once I am between 1 and 2 years old.