Aurora and Tundra

I wanted to write you just to let you know that Aurora and Tundra are doing really well. We have them on a no grain, salmon based kibble diet and their coats shine in the sun. We walk at least twice every day with both on halti, and both have learned such good manners when we are out and about. Aurora, although reactive, has been less so with the halti, and with some coaching. I do think she will always be wary of other dogs but has come along quite a bit even in the last month. Here’s a treasure – the kids can walk these two on their own. We keep their walks localized but the boys (14 and 12) have no problems taking the two out, even encountering other dogs. We have done lots of work and it seems to be paying off.

We are so in love with them. The kids spend time with them without prompting. They are affectionate and snuggly creatures who love to cuddle and get hours of petting. They are both good with brushing, and will sit patiently through grooming. Tundra is a remarkable boy who even if he reaches his limit for affection will simply walk away. I don’t think Aurora has a limit.

We had a large box from a big over range microwave we bought. The kids were using it as a play house and we had labelled it The Mouse House. Aurora has made it hers.

They met my parents who fell instantly in love. Both of my folks are from the north and dogs that remind them of winter are loved instantly, but also their gentle and affectionate demeanour wins everyone over.

We are so pleased.

Terre (and family)