Luna: Siberian Husky (F) 2 years – ADOPTED


Name: Luna
Breed: Siberian husky
Gender: Female (intact)
Age: 2 years (DOB January 5th 2015)
Kids: Older
Dogs: No
Cats: No

***This is a courtesy listing for owner***

My name is Luna (sometimes Tuna). I’m almost 3 years old and I’m a gorgeous red Siberian husky. I’m bi eyed with one blue and one brown/green. I’m an affectionate girl who would excel in a fast paced environment without young kids. I love to tell stories to my owners and make them laugh. I love being around and meeting new people.

I also LOVE food. This has caused me some issues in my past; I have food aggression towards my current owners and other animals. I really need to go to a home that can provide me with training to help me out with this issue. I love playing with other dogs but until I work on myself it might be best that I live alone.

I have never had issues with separate anxiety and do great left alone to roam the house! I have torn up a tissue box once or twice in my past, but who hasn’t! I like to sleep in the coldest part of the house and sneak in to give you kisses first thing in the morning.

I lost some of fur and am a little under weight because I recently had a litter of puppies who are all in loving homes. It’s my turn to find one now . My owners love me dearly and will miss me but with a new job, new baby and small apartment they feel like I’m not getting everything I deserve in life. I would love a big yard to run in, a family to walk with, some belly rubs and endless snacks.