Oakley: Husky (M) 6 years – ADOPTED


Name: Oakley
Breed: Husky
Sex: Male (neutered)
Age: 6 years
Kids: Older
Dogs: No
Cats: No

***This is a courtesy listing for owner***

Oakley is a very loving boy. He is a quiet husky, who doesn’t howl or bark. He is very laid-back and content with one or two short walks per day. Oakley was professionally trained and is exceptional on and off leash (in contained areas), although he isn’t good with other dogs so we keep him on leash to avoid conflicts. He loves to chase squirrels and would benefit from a fenced yard.

Oakley was attacked by three German Shepherds when he was younger and can show reactive aggression towards other dogs, especially males. For this reason he should be in a home without other dogs, and dog-parks are to be avoided. He loves long walks in the forest, car rides, boating and is a great companion in a canoe or kayak. He is friendly with strangers but doesn’t like being handled by them.

He is gentle and patient with our 5 year old son. He loves affection but requires time to adjust to his new people.

Oakley loves food and is motivated by treats. He will sit, give a paw and lay down. He is a wonderful, loving companion. Oakley is house trained, neutered and all of his shots are up-to-date. He also recently completed the lepto-lime disease vaccination.