Alaska: Siberian Husky (M) 4 years – ADOPTED


Name: Alaska
Breed: Siberian Husky
Sex: Male (neutered)
Age: 4 years
Cats: Yes
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes


Alaska is almost 4 and around 50-65lbs. He is great with kids and has been around them since he was a puppy, very tolerant of typical baby behaviour, and will attempt to leave situations that he doesn’t like.

Alaska does well with other animals, he isn’t typically aggressive but is extremely playful which some dogs don’t react well to. Alaska doesn’t show any food aggressive behaviours and is very food motivated for training.

Alaska does not walk well on a leash (he is a strong puller) and will require a strong leader to continue to work on training, he will follow some commands especially if there is food involved. Alaska would do best with a yard with a fence where he can run and play but the fence needs to be husky proof as he could take off if there’s something on the other side of the fence.

I haven’t had any luck curbing the jumping behaviours, however with training I’m confident it would happen. Alaska does have accidents when left alone for extended periods of time (10 plus hours) however this is a recent behaviour which I believe was brought on by not enough attention/outdoor exercise, as it only happens when I am out of the house. Alaska has not had crate training. He will lick his legs when he is bored, which can result in sores.

Alaska is neutered and microchipped.