Kassy (formerly Crystal)

Kassy (crystal) is doing great!

She is really getting used to people a lot more then she was – not that she had a choice with all the neighborhood kids. She will also run to some adults because she wants to go see them. She loves our one human neighbour so much she bows and wants to play with her.

She has had some dog aggression but we have been working with her and she is slowly getting better with that as well. She no longer feels the need to growl bark and lunge at every dog that comes in sight. She has actually made friends with one of our other neighbour’s dog and loves to wrestle and play with him. We are slowly working on getting her out of her crate and she is no longer crated at night or if we go out for short periods of time of about 2 hours. The door is always open if she ever wants to go in.

Above all, her favorite past time is still tormenting and bugging her brother. She loves to antagonize him into playing but if she hasn’t bugged him for a bit he will be the one to start with her. All in all she is a pleasure and has brought a lot of joy to all of our lives.