I loathe having my photo taken; but couldn’t say no to Alan on Keena’s Gotcha Day.

She was picked up by Alan (of SHARP) in his huge Volvo truck in Manitoba and driven across Canada to the south coast of BC at the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal. As I came out of the terminal, I could see Alan standing across the lot with his handsome Siberian, Dakota, and 5 year old Mal-berian, Keena, waiting for me. Of course, while they were waiting, his charges had attracted the attention of a few at the passenger pick-up.

After a ride to a pet supply store nearby, good conversation, and a little paperwork, we were dropped off back at the terminal to catch our ferry home to Vancouver Island as foot passengers. They have a special dog room in the middle of the lower car deck that Keena and I hung out in for the 1 hr 40 min sailing. A couple of engineers walking by the room saw Keena through the window and came in to hear her story. They then turned off the blasting heater for her and tied the doors ajar so she had some cool breeze off the ocean. Although we were not able to go upstairs to the other part of the ship, I was so appreciative of those ferry workers.

As Keena and I had to walk off via the lower car deck ramp, one of the ferry engineers came there and gave me a wrapped pack of sliced roast beef for her from the upstairs buffet. She may not have a pedigree or fancy ribbons to impress; but it doesn’t matter to me one bit. She loves learning to run in harness and gets excited when the gear comes out. Kuma loves his sweet co-lead dog girl so much and is glad she likes a younger guy.

I adore her to bits and am happy everything aligned just right to bring her on the long journey into our lives. ❤
Denise Hansen