About 3-4 moths ago I adopted Gunnar the Siberian Husky from your organization, SHARP.

Gunnar is a happy health dog, he has really warmed up to us and is now getting spoiled like crazy. He has 3 new husky friends he sees almost every day and two poodle friends he’s with about 4 times a week and he loves them all!

Gunnar used to have aggression with his food but now waits so nicely till I say “eat”. He listens well and loves talking. He still gets sledding time but on a bike (not to much right now because it’s too hot during summer). He also is such a cuddle dog, he sleeps with us most the night and takes up most the bed!

He’s very happy in his new home and me and my boyfriend love him so much and couldn’t be happier. We are actually planning on getting another one when we get a bigger place.

Thank you for everything. He’s our family now.
Jacky Miller