Missy: Siberian Husky (F) 9 months – ADOPTED


Name: Missy
Breed: Siberian Husky
Sex: Female (intact)
Age: 9 months
Cats: No
Dogs: No
Kids: No

Missy is a very nervous dog. She was bottom of the pecking order in her previous pack and was usually the one getting beat up outside when everyone went to play.

She is not good with cats or kids as she gets a little nippy when excited and playing or when scared. She loves people once she warms up to them, but is definitely not fond of other dogs. Greetings scare her. Do not walk up behind her.

She has a lot of energy and is very easily excitable once comfortable. She does have a problem with jumping up, typically worse when outside but not too bad in the house. Her upbringing in the pack environment she had has made her quite anxious but with a calmer home, she will do a lot better. She is a sweet dog, she will be one that needs a good amount of training though. She comes, sits and lays down when asked but sometimes if other dogs are around she is too concerned with what they might do and stops listening.

Missy is crate trained, but does exhibit separation anxiety. If startled, she will bark until calm again. Walks very well on leash. House trained. Not a digger or a fence climber. Missy is anxious when she travels in a vehicle and will drool heavily. Ideally, Missy will stay relatively local to avoid long travel.

Missy is microchipped and will be adopted on a strict non-breeding and spay contract to be completed after she is of appropriate age and also more relaxed and settled. Missy has just finished her first heat cycle.