Loki: Siberian Husky mix (M) 14 months – ADOPTED


Name: Loki
Breed: Husky cross
Sex: Male, neutered
Age: 14 months
Cats: OK
Dogs: Yes
Kids: Yes

Loki is a lively 14 month old neutered boy who is up-to-date on vaccinations and has basic training.  He is socialised but due to very unfortunate family issues was surrendered and subsequently has had less attention and is starting with behavioural issues because of it.  This includes resource guarding such as food and toys so this would need working with and he would definitely need to be fed separately to start with as he did get into a fight because of it due to an inexperienced handler feeding him next to another dog.

He did spend an early part of his puppy life on a farm so is used to animals such as cats and birds, however, due to the recent behavioural issues we would not trust his natural prey-drive not to kick in now he is maturing. He gets along with kids and other dogs. He is a talker but not a loud barker, he has pushed boundaries with digging and would need a secure yard or dog run to avoid escaping acts.  Needs knowledgeable and firm owner to work with him. Obviously at this age, he has lots of energy so a good deal of exercise is also key to his training.