Tigger: Alaskan Husky (M) 3 years – ADOPTED


Name: Tigger
Breed: Alaskan Husky
Sex: Male (neutered)
Age: 3 years
Cats: Unknown
Dogs: OK – see description
Kids: No

Tigger is approximately 3 years old. He can jump quite high, and for this reason, needs a home with a very high fence (minimum 6 feet) or will tether when outside to keep him safe.

He is extremely affectionate and very eager to please. He is also easily motivated by toys, treats and affection, making him an ease to work with. Like all huskies Tigger has a lot of energy and has a high exercise requirement. Because of this, he would do best with an active family who can exercise him daily. Tigger walks, hikes, and jogs like a pro with a Halti Head Collar and will even accept a doggie backpack which helps to tire him out. In the last week he has been learning basic obedience. He knows many commands.

Tigger is OK with selective dogs. He does well with confident and balanced dogs but has nipped at dogs that display anxious, nervous or unsure behaviour. Because of this, he will need an experienced handler with a confident and positive attitude. Tigger has not displayed any fear reactivity in his foster home and he looks to the people he trusts for direction.

Tigger willingly goes into his crate and sleeps in it like an angel but he does experience some isolation stress (drools heavily and destroys his bedding) when he knows you’ve left he house. We are working on this and are seeing improvements. Tigger is a great dog and has so much potential!

He is microchipped and neutered.  He’s also had some past surgery to remove the tip of his tail that got injured but is fully recovered.