About us

‘The Siberian Husky Assistance and Rescue Program (SHARP) is an organisation dedicated to the health, welfare and happiness of Siberian Huskies.’

By working with animal shelters, rescue groups, dog owners and the general public, our goals are:

To offer advice to owners about the proper care and ownership of Siberian Huskies.
To provide education and information about the Siberian Husky breed.
To assist with the rescue of Siberian Huskies.

Advice.  The membership of SHARP consists of owners and breeders of Siberian Huskies.  Our members have a wealth of knowledge about the behaviour, training and care needed for the breed.  We are eager to offer our experience to help others enjoy the company of their pet.  In addition, we have access to a wide variety of information and expertise, including the Siberian Husky Club of Canada, the Canadian Kennel Club, Sleddog Sports Association of Southwestern Ontario (SSASO), the Ontario Federation of Sleddog Sports (OFSS) and several international organisations.  We want people and their Siberians to have long, happy lives together.

Education.  The Siberian Husky is a beautiful and noble breed.  They are often seen in movies, television and advertisements.  Unfortunately this exposure can and has led to problems.  People want to own a Siberian because of their beauty and the behaviour seen in these controlled situations.  They do not realise the time and effort needed to work with a Siberian in order to achieve these goals.  Similar problems occurred with the Dalmatian and Saint Bernard breeds with the movies ‘101 Dalmatians’ and ‘Beethoven’. SHARP cares about the image and myths that exist about the Siberian Husky breed.  We want to ensure people understand the Siberian Husky.

Rescue.  Although we hope that through advice and education, all Siberian Huskies and their owners will enjoy a lifetime together, in reality this does not always happen.  When all else fails, SHARP works on the rescue, rehabilitation and relocation of a Siberian Husky in distress.  We help local shelters and humane societies rescue neglected or mistreated Siberian Huskies.  We also use this network and other contacts to return lost Siberians to their owners.  And we work with these organisations and the general public to find new homes for Siberians.

SHARP members receive no salaries for their work.  All our members donate their time because of their love of the breed.  However, Siberian Huskies which come under our care frequently require extra medical and nutritional assistance. SHARP would welcome your donation to help our efforts.  If financial assistance is not possible, contributions towards our auctions will be accepted, as well as sharing our posts on social media.

To find out how you can help or if you know of a Siberian Husky in need of assistance, please contact SHARP at: sharprescuecanada@gmail.com

**We do not normally adopt dogs to homes with cats.**